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Kim D
£40 / hour
3 years

I am an Oxford and UCL alumna with over 3 years professional experience for a leading London tutoring agency. As a private tutor, I have 6+ years experience providing focused, energetic and creative lessons. *Mission & Vision* My lessons are seldom boring. I have a skill for transforming dull tasks and concepts into engaging projects. My passion to inspire my students to take ownership of their learning, means I deliver unique lessons beyond the conventional textbook approach. As a Software Engineer and business-technology professional, I think it is becoming increasingly important that my students are equipped with the skills and mindset to break the mould, have confidence to take on new ideas and emotional intelligence to support others. Most importantly, my students engage in thinking about wider economic, social and environmental issues in the world today. *Approach & Values* I really value giving the space for my students to explore what makes them tick. I take a ‘get knocked back one step and bounce back two steps’ approach as I feel that confidence and humility are the ingredients for successful learning. I encourage my students to treat others with respect and think about different perspectives and approaches to problem-solving. There is a lot of diversity in students I teach and thus, lessons are tailored according to the learning styles of each student. My lessons combine theory and hands-on activities, so students can enjoy the entire learning process. I supplement learning with materials aligned to core specimens and those which I purchase complementary to individual learning goals. *About Me* Software Engineer - Fellow | Hobbyist Coder 💻 | Agile Enthusiast 😍 | Tutor 📔| Pianist 🎹 | Alto 🎤 I am a London-based Software Engineer and Fellow. As an experienced business-technology professional, I am interested in the power of coding and technology for instigating social, environmental and economic change. I lead and coach young people as a tutor and also play the piano and sing as an Alto at a Central London choir.

Keyvan G
Responds in
< 24HR
£40 / hour
24 years

I am a qualified teacher with a degree in teaching Mathematics and a PGCE in Maths. I have been teaching Maths for more than 24 years all levels of Maths (all Key stages, GCSE, A level). I have taught a great number of students over these years and published two books in Maths. I teach students by showing them how to do maths in the most efficient and clear way that will deal with problems and use different resources or methods to enable them to understand the concepts very well, some of these methods or techniques, you won’t usually find in the books. I have had particular success in helping students to achieve top grades at GCSE, A level and get into their school of choice. I also have lots of experience and success in teaching students who have had trouble with Maths.

Alex B
£30 / hour
2 years

Moving away from my home in Bulgaria and boarding in a British school in Spain since 14 has given me the opportunity to connect with multicultural and multilingual societies and enabled me to become trilingual. For the past four years, I have both been challenged and given the amazing opportunity to discover and be part of the British educational system while also being away from home and building my personality into what I am today. I believe that my continuous effort shown at school, was ultimately awarded by being given an offer to study Digital Culture BA at King’s College London, one of UK’s top universities, and completing the offer in August by received four “A” grades on my A-level subjects – English Literature, Economics, Media Studies, and Spanish, which I continuously thrived upon during the two-year Linear A-level course. I came to the decision of doing A-Level English Literature not through my passion for reading books but through my interest in British historical context, developing strong, evidence supported arguments, and my profound, abstract thinking. Through engaging with the subject, I have developed not only my vocabulary but my philosophical thinking and the ability to present and defend my arguments. The significance of the financial world sparked my interest in Economics, since I came to a realisation that the world of today is a world of finance, where we constantly exchange currency, transfer money, borrow, and invest. Through engaging with complex economic theory, I’ve learnt principles which I try to apply in my everyday life, far beyond my A-level studies. Furthermore, “When you do something you love, you do it well.” – people have said. I started studying Spanish 5 years ago when I still lived in Bulgaria. I went to a bilingual school where I had 22 language classes a week. I was so busy I hardly had time to think about my other subjects, such as literature, maths and Bulgarian language. In the years I have not only learnt grammar, tenses and verb conjunctions; I have focused on Spanish history: Spain during the Franco Dictatorship regime, development of the Spanish villages and countryside in the 1900s, feminism in Spain and Spanish painters such as Picasso and Salvador Dali. Finally, to me, digital media is so much more than an A-level, it is a passion, an interest, a weapon which can be used for and against anything, and essentially, the field which I want to pursue a career in the near future. Through engaging with the subject at A-level, I came across contemporary concepts which drive today’s society, such as understanding how the digital goes beyond our screens, and how colours, signs, and shapes, unconsciously affect us. Ultimately, I would like to offer my help and guidance to anyone in need, whose position I could easily relate to as I was a student, at times struggling with the workload at A-level, only four months ago. I thrived upon my ambition to succeed and allowed my subject choices to become the passion that drove me to keep on top of my studies. I have been tutoring students from younger year groups for the past two years of school, and it was essentially, one of the best experiences I’ve had, since I saw how my effort came into help to those who needed it. If you have the power to help someone, do it, the world needs more of that. “Be the change you wish to see in the world” and help others grow, develop, and pursue what truly matter to them.

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Attaining a place at your top university is getting more competitive than ever before. With the international student sector growing and young people opting to go to university, getting into top universities such as Cambridge and Oxford is becoming extremely competitive. Our tutors can help with personal statement structure and UCAS applications so students can get one step closer to their dream course and university.