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Demis B
£50 / hour
18 years

Really friendly Italian tailor in London available as a tutor. 5 years experience as a teacher in Italian fashion college and 1 year in university as well as teaching 12 private students. 30 years as a tailor. I can be available for different levels: -for housewives who need to learn how to make the family’s alterations (1 to 1 session or small groups) ; -for fashion students who need to improve their techniques; -how to make patterns or to learn bespoke tailoring. Happy to teach theories as well as practice. Instagram: demisbau

Ricardo R
Responds in
> 24HR
£30 / hour
6 years

I am very enthusiastic about helping students through repetition, constant encouragement and in finding different ways to covey hard-to-grasped ideas, to understand and make progress in subject areas they might initially regarded as challenging. I am very keen to pick up where students are in their understanding of any aspect of the mathematics or biology curricula and through linking ideas already familiar to them, to patiently guide and inspire them to achieve a strong sense of mastery that they too can feel proud of. Being employed as a Senior Biomedical Scientist for over 12 years, has given me insights/ awareness into the role/ utility that many of the fundamentals covered in subject curricula play in allowing students to fully grasped more advanced concepts that will be introduced as they grow older; I take great pleasure in helping them to ‘join up their dots’ as I believe the more they understand and weave together now, the easier the facts they are required to know will be remembered.

Sam F
Responds in
< 6HR
£30 / hour
1 year

Hi my name is Sam, I am a UCL Medical Student and a graduate of Medical Sciences with Physiology at UCL. Last year, I completed a module on spaceflight and extreme environment physiology, which exposed me to some fascinating topics and inspirational lecturers including a NASA astronaut. As a result, I have decided to take a year out of my studies to carry out research into these fields with the aim of producing some academic publications, as well as to pursue various personal goals. I have many hours of online tutoring experience. I also have undertaken various informal tutoring and mentoring roles throughout my senior school and university years. This includes working as a classroom assistant for primary school children and helping to run classes for medical applicants at my senior school. I have also supported first year medical students at UCL through a mentoring programme I was involved in. I am confident in teaching sciences and certain humanities and languages up to a GCSE level. I am confident in supporting pupils with Biology, Chemistry and French to A level. I am happy to assist pupils with medical school applications and admissions tests. Outside of my studies I am a keen tennis player and fan, I have also rowed and played lacrosse for my university. I am also very interested in astronomy, rockets and all things to do with space! This year I am pursuing academic research into the field of space medicine.

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If you’re looking for an experienced, professional and qualified common entrance tuition in East Barnet, Tutor House are here to help you succeed. No matter where you’re intending to go to school; be it Westminster, Eton or Harrow, our tutors are experts in helping children get into their first choice school.

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We understand the need to attain great GCSE grades to feel confident for A-Level subjects. With so many topics to cover, we understand how it can be stressful time of life for any student. All of our tutors work with a number of GCSE students preparing for their exams, teaching exam technique, content and revision methods. These help improve student’s GCSE results, and also provides them with techniques they can carry forward to A-Levels too.

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Attaining a place at your top university is getting more competitive than ever before. With the international student sector growing and young people opting to go to university, getting into top universities such as Cambridge and Oxford is becoming extremely competitive. Our tutors can help with personal statement structure and UCAS applications so students can get one step closer to their dream course and university.