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Heather Y
£40 / hour
35 years

My name is Heather, I am a qualified nurse (psychiatric), I run my own practice delivering cognitive-behavioural therapy (specialising in brain injury) and general practice patients. I have been working in tutoring/teaching for over 30 years in a variety of settings. This has included training on brain injury, mental health issues and challenging behaviours to care agencies, other health professionals and I am a specialist mentor for students with psychological difficulties. I currently mentor students of all ages, including refugees, helping them to prepare for FE, school children and individuals with ADHD, Autism, Asperger’s and Dyslexia. I work at various universities and colleges throughout the country. The subjects that I teach are psychology and English. My approach consists of academic learning combined with exploring the subject in a practical way as well. I find that this keeps the students interested. I like to promote discussion and to help students see the bigger picture whilst keeping to the guidelines set by the relevant educational facility.

Masood-Ul-Hassan J
£30 / hour
40 years

I hold a PhD degree in Biology. I have about 40 years Teaching Experience of Biology to the Medical, Pharmacy and Biology students. I also acted as Private Biology/Human Biology Tutor for GCSE, A-Level and IB student for about 10 years in UK. Now I restarted Biology as Private Tutor from August 2017, after getting retirement from Saudi Arabia as Professor of Physiology. I have all notes of A-level Biology for AQA and OCR boards. Last year 5 students got A-Grades and One student got B grade. For Degree level students I have all lecture notes for Human Physiology, Biochemistry, Cell Biology & Histology and can teach other aspects of Biomedical sciences, like Genetic, Nutrition, General Pharmacology and General Biology as well. For 1-1 I ask questions from the students and they analyse their answers. If any Mistake and additional explanation is need, I explain them. Similarly when bring Past-Papers, I prefer that students should solve them by themselves, if any mistake especially the "The Required Technical Wordings" I explain them and advised them to use these words. In class I try to ask questions and wait for the replies of the students and give them Important Notes, especially with Important Technical or scientific words that are mandatory to get marks from the examiners.

Dana Z
Responds in
< 2HR
£30 / hour
1 year

Just finished IB with a stunning full marks of 45! The journey definitely wasn’t easy but I acquired knowledge on how to excel on the exams, tips I definitely want to teach to you if you also want to achieve academic excellence. Having just taken the IB, I will fully understand the most important aspects of the subjects I took – the concepts you definitely need to comprehend and some details that you will be fine with overlooking. I am skilled at explaining complex ideas by breaking it down into small subtopics and patiently walking it through with students. I have also taken the IGCSE with equal academic excellence and am confident in teaching the subjects to students who are struggling. Having taken many exams in school, I have also learned a few critical methods that are not taught by teachers but will certainly improve your performance in exams. I have had multiple teaching experiences working with younger students which have given me a better understanding of how to most effectively explain difficult concepts and convey information. One such experience being the Long-Distance Learning Program I led in collaboration with NGO Noughts and Hearts to teach students in Inner Mongolia English as well as cultivate their critical thinking through discussions and debates. This experience was especially beneficial to me as an aspiring educator because it highlighted the problems encountered in online education lying in the difficulty of organising groups of students and building rapport with each student. As such, tackling these issues has enabled me to better deliver quality teaching to students. As a result, my teaching style is flexible and adaptable. I am meticulous and thus will make abundant preparation for each teaching session by listing out topics to cover, arranging accompanying notes to facilitate the session, and composing exam-style questions to check students' understanding. However, I will also adapt my teaching style once I get to know the student and their learning style better, making sure they can learn more effectively in each session. I am fully competent to teach biology, chemistry and maths at the level of IB and IGCSE as I have achieved both A*s and 7s in these subjects. Personally studying these subjects for the past 4 years, at different levels, means I fully understand the experience of learning the content of these subjects. I know which sections of the subject posed as challenges in my studies, and how best to explain them so students can successfully grasp the concept. Also, having taken the exams, I know which topics are more heavily assessed and which are most often ignored, thus allowing students to better understand their syllabus to organise their study time more effectively. Furthermore, I will also incorporate study tips and examination techniques that I have picked up over the past few years into each teaching session, thus making students better equipped to excel at their exams. Currently, I am studying medicine at GKT Medical School of King’s College London, a prestigious university that offers one of the highest standard education in medicine. I am also fluent in Mandarin and would love to provide help in studying and understanding this cultural-rich language. Looking forward to supporting your studies and future endeavours!

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