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Georgina W
£40 / hour
3 years

Hello! Whilst studying Music for my Undergraduate Degree (after obtaining 3A*s and an A at Alevel), I tutored students from other courses in Music Theory. This led to privately tutoring several students over the three years in Music Theory, Aural, Singing and Piano, which I found so rewarding! After completing my MA in Acting (Drama Centre London), I became a Teaching Assistant and tutored secondary students one-on-one in Maths, English and Science. This gave me the confidence to tutor privately and want to expand sharing knowledge with students and adults from all backgrounds. As well as tutoring, I have participated in Shakespeare Workshops for children with autism, and have worked in a school specialising with SEN students. This led me to understand that everyone has a different pace at which they learn and that each student requires a different style of teaching. My focus is on enabling students to feel fully secure in their subject knowledge and to be excited by challenging work. Achieving good grades is not only about preparation work but also exam/performance technique. I strongly believe that the best way to learn is through passion for the subject and enjoyment, and those feelings are what I strive to encourage during my lessons.

Sam F
Responds in
< 6HR
£30 / hour
1 year

Hi my name is Sam, I am a UCL Medical Student and a graduate of Medical Sciences with Physiology at UCL. Last year, I completed a module on spaceflight and extreme environment physiology, which exposed me to some fascinating topics and inspirational lecturers including a NASA astronaut. As a result, I have decided to take a year out of my studies to carry out research into these fields with the aim of producing some academic publications, as well as to pursue various personal goals. I have many hours of online tutoring experience. I also have undertaken various informal tutoring and mentoring roles throughout my senior school and university years. This includes working as a classroom assistant for primary school children and helping to run classes for medical applicants at my senior school. I have also supported first year medical students at UCL through a mentoring programme I was involved in. I am confident in teaching sciences and certain humanities and languages up to a GCSE level. I am confident in supporting pupils with Biology, Chemistry and French to A level. I am happy to assist pupils with medical school applications and admissions tests. Outside of my studies I am a keen tennis player and fan, I have also rowed and played lacrosse for my university. I am also very interested in astronomy, rockets and all things to do with space! This year I am pursuing academic research into the field of space medicine.

Allamin D
Responds in
< 6HR
£80 / hour
4 years

I tutored Undergraduates in Engineering at the University of Oxford for 2 and a half years. This built my confidence to start tutoring privately, which I have been doing for the past two years. I have a positive attitude and a passion to assist and motivate struggling learners and is key to building confidence and achieving academic goals. I find, from my own experience, that people learn things differently and at different paces; when students struggle with a subject, it’s usually because their learning style conflicts with the style or pace with which it is being taught. Mentoring one-on-one gives the opportunity to learn at the student’s optimal pace. I strongly believe that success at school and beyond is based on strategy, time management, and self-confidence. My passion, diligence and creative skill-set drive my students to succeed.

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Tutor House is a highly-respected tutoring company. We offer group retake courses, private tutoring, home schooling, revision classes and SEN support. Tutor House has been connecting students and tutors for many years, ensuring a high quality, customized learning experience for each student that comes through our door.

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Common Entrance tutors in Hackney

Are you looking for an experienced, professional and qualified common entrance tuition in Hackney? We have you covered. Whether you’re looking to get into an east-London-based school, such as The College of Central London, all of our tutors have succeeded in getting students into the secondary school of their choice.

Our tutors in Hackney can teach all aspects of the common entrance exams, from English and maths, to verbal and non-verbal reasoning, or any additional topics. For Tutor House’s tutors, it’s about making sure the student is knowledgeable and ready for exams, as well as providing any interview practice and extra mentorship they require.

GCSE and IGCSE tutors in Hackney

Tutor House’s GCSE tutors in Hackney work with students to make sure they feel comfortable with their GCSE subjects before the exam day comes. Whether you’re struggling with the three core subjects of English, Maths or Science, or require help with a language or creative subject like Music, our tutors are all passionate about their subjects and are DBS-checked.

We understand the appeal to receive great GCSE grades to feel confident for A-Level subjects. We also understand how stressful covering all the topics can be. Our tutors work with a number of GCSE students preparing for their exams, teaching exam technique, content and revision methods. These help improve student’s GCSE results, and also provides them with techniques they can utilise for A-Levels too.

A-Level tutors in Hackney

If you’re looking for a qualified and professional A-Level tutor in Hackney, Tutor House is on hand to help. We understand that working towards excellent A-Level grades to get into your desired university can be stressful. Therefore, we only employ exceptional degree-educated tutors to ensure A-Level success.

The international student market and expectations on young people to attend university have made getting into first-choice universities like University of East London extremely competitive. Therefore, our tutors will work with you to revise content and learn exam techniques. They can also help with writing personal statements and with essay strategizing. Our tutors will work with you in a mentor-like capacity to ensure you learn skills that will follow you through to higher education.