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From one end of Warwick Way to the other, our professional tutors are dotted across south west London. Whether you’re based closer to the Apollo Victoria Theatre or Ecclestone Square Park, Tutor House’s friendly tutors can come to you anywhere in Victoria.

All of our tutors are DBS-checked, degree-educated and happy to help, either in person or online. If you’re looking to find a tutor in Victoria, our team can work with you to find the perfect match. We have more than 2,500 tutors on our database, all of whom have been met by us.

Tavinder N
£20 / hour
1 year

I have a degree in English and Cultural Studies Upper Second Class honours. I currently work as learning support assistant at Havering College Further & Higher Education. I currently work one to one with young adults who have specific needs such as autism, ADHD, and motivational issues. In addition to that I have been tutoring in my spare time with a child of a 7 and 10 year old. I helped with their homework, testing their knowledge and giving feedback to the parents regarding their progress. I am also volunteering tutoring at Chadwell Heath with various children of ages helping them improve their English and being familiar with the curriculum. My personal qualities: I am supportive, empathetic and motivating. I look at ways to improve the child's work, give feedback on progress to the parents and I bring my own equipment with me to the session. I am focused on the child's development and I am punctual and consistent in my approach. I am passionate about English and research ways of improving and helping the child as well as establishing a rapport with the parents.

Marie C
Responds in
< 12HR
£40 / hour
7 years

I have been teaching for 7 years and I have been tutoring for five years and have a 100 % pass rate. I am experienced in delivering the skills needed for the 11 plus and KS3 requirements. I have extensive knowledge of the GCSE specification in both English language and English literature across all examining boards. I also have broad experience of the IGCSE as well as the IGCSE as an additional language. All of my tutees have either attained or succeeded their target grades. I like to engage my students in the topics we are covering and aim to connect with my tutees and pupils in a dynamic way in order to engage their interest and inspire them to feel like they can achieve.

Cathy J
£50 / hour
34 years

I am a fully qualified Maths teacher. I have 22 years experience as a private Maths tutor, teaching all ages from Primary to adult, with the major focus on GCSEs. All of the students I taught passed their GCSEs successfully. I have also taught for 10 years in a large Pupil Referral Unit in Lewisham. For the first 3 years, I worked exclusively with SEN students, which I loved. It is so satisfying being able to instil a love of Maths into previously disengaged students. These students had a wide range of needs ( complex social and emotional needs, ADHD, Asperger's and Autism). For the next 3 years, I taught Maths to Years 7-9 students. These students had a wide range of abilities. After this, I taught GCSE students (Years 9-12) and I had a very highly successful pass rate. Throughout my teaching career, I had 1-1 sessions with students who either needed extra help or who were preparing for exam deadlines. I am passionate about making Maths understandable and fun, so that students who came to me with disinterest and dislike of the subject were able to come to the point where they understood the subject and felt able to succeed. I have taught the full spectrum of ability, from those who could barely succeed in the most basic functions, to those who needed to be challenged to higher accomplishments. I am very familiar with the new Foundation Curriculum and would prefer to teach this as opposed to the Higher Curriculum. I retired from full-time teaching 3 years ago and since then have taught as a supply teacher in a London primary school, having two groups (one of top achievers, who were ahead of most of their classmates ) and one of students who were considered to have behavioural difficulties and were low achievers. I have also taught GCSE Foundation Maths privately in this time (both Edexcel and AQA exam boards). For me, my key to teaching successfully is to build a relationship with the student based on mutual trust and respect and a high level of communication. I also like to ensure that each student is given the time to fully understand a subject before moving to the next. Lastly, I like the students to enjoy themselves!

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Tutor House is a highly-respected tutoring centre. We offer group retake courses, private tutoring, home schooling, revision classes and SEN support. Tutor House has been connecting students and tutors for many years, ensuring a high quality, customized learning experience for each student that comes through our door.

Tutor House strives to bring academic success to each of our students at any academic level and subject they are in. We are a convenient, safe and transparent organisation that you and your child can trust.

Common Entrance tutors in Victoria

If you’re looking for an experienced, professional and qualified common entrance tuition in Victoria, we have you covered. Whether you’re looking to get into a south-west-London-based school, such as Albemarle Independent College, all of our tutors have succeeded in getting their pupils into the secondary school of their choice.

Our tutors in Victoria are competent in various aspects of the common entrance exams, from English and maths, to verbal and non-verbal reasoning, and any additional topics. For Tutor House’s tutors, ensuring the student feels confident, as well as providing them with any interview practice and extra mentorship they may require is the motive.

GCSE and IGCSE tutors in Victoria

Tutor House’s GCSE tutors in Victoria work with students to ensure that they feel comfortable with their GCSE subjects before the exam day rolls around. Whether you’re struggling with the three core subjects of English, Maths or Science, or require help with a language subject like Italian, our professional, friendly and DBS-checked tutors are passionate about their subject.

We understand the need to obtain stellar GCSE grades to get in good stead for A-Level subjects. With countless topics to revise, we understand that stress levels can build up. Our tutors work with a number of GCSE students preparing for their exams, teaching exam technique, content and revision methods. These help improve student’s GCSE results, and also provides them with techniques they can utilise for A-Levels too.

A-Level tutors in Victoria

If you’re looking for a qualified and professional A-Level tutor in Victoria, Tutor House is on hand to help. We understand the stress that precedes working towards excellent A-Level grades to get into the university of your dreams. Therefore, we only employ fantastic degree-educated tutors to guarantee A-Level success.

The international student market and expectations on young people to attend university have made getting into first-choice universities like London South Bank University extremely competitive. Therefore, our tutors will work with you to revise content and learn exam techniques.Our tutors can also help with writing personal statements and with essay strategizing. They will work with you in a mentor-like capacity to ensure you learn skills that will follow you through to higher education.