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Ola O
Responds in
< 1HR
£50 / hour
2 years

Maths has always been my favorite subject, throughout my schooling years and till now. I achieved an overall A* grade in my Maths GCSE exams. I was in the top 5% for all internal Maths exams from Year 7 through to Year 11. I also received the award for Best Graduating Student in Mathematics after my GCSE year. I achieved an overall A grade in my Maths A-Level exams. I was also an Assistant Tutor for Maths Masterclasses run by my school during my two A-Level years. These sessions focused on providing Maths support to different age groups of students ranging from primary to GCSE level.

Lukene N
£30 / hour
2 years

Hi, I’m Lukene, a Chemical Engineering graduate. I have always loved the Science and Maths and followed this field of study through to university by completing a BEng. I chose to study engineering because I believed it would give me the opportunity to indulge myself in a range of scientific and mathematical concepts simultaneously. However my time as a student was not without its challenges. I found that I often had to commit to a lot of independent studying in order to truly understand concepts being taught during my time at school. I did this because in a classroom of 30 children, it’s often easy to be the kid who gets 'left behind'. My aim as a tutor is to ensure no student of mine feels that way! I discovered my passion for teaching others when tutoring a household of 3 children ages 3, 6 and 9. All three children required my attention and knowledge in a different way. Through this experience I also learn how to adapt my tutoring style according to the necessity of each child. However I found that there were similarities in their needs – they all needed lessons that were engaging and motivating, not only to keep them focused but to also help build their self-esteem. I assess my students to determine the level at which they are currently working on and tailor my teaching style accordingly, setting clear objectives for the pupil. The objectives act as a guidance for the student and varies checkpoints throughout their journey act as a motivational boost. I have also covered 11+ content; within 3 months of engagement with my student her school teachers had already begun to see a change in her attitude, her speed and subsequently her results in both her Maths and English Comprehension. Aside from school I have always been someone who enjoys extra-curriculum activities such as debating and public speaking. I also like to read non-fictional historical books, especially autobiographies of amazing people who have done world-changing things! Thank you for reading my profile and I look forward to meeting you in person!

Nicky T
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< 1HR
£60 / hour
20 years

I am a fully qualified Biology teacher with 20 years' experience teaching, including 7 years full time tutoring around 350 tutees as individuals or groups, specifically for A-level Biology. I also have experience of examining for AQA A-level. I have a PGCE in Biology and a BSc Hons 2:1 Microbiology. I have a history of excellent results with all tutees improving beyond their target grade. Many successful potential Medics, Vets, Dentists and Biology students have gained A* in Biology A-level and managed to secure a place at their first choice University following weekly tuition. Online tuition only. I tutor primarily on line using zoom as my video conferencing tool. I love tutoring small groups and individuals who tell me I am a very approachable, friendly tutor with a wealth of knowledge regarding examination technique. I have the ability to simplify all theory ensuring the tutees build on their basic knowledge and then secure full understanding. I endeavour to ensure all theory is grounded before applying the knowledge to examination style questions.

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Common Entrance tutors in Walthamstow

Are you looking for an experienced, professional and qualified common entrance tuition in Walthamstow? We have you covered. Whether you’re looking to get into an east-London-based school, such as University of East London, all of our tutors have succeeded in getting their pupils into the secondary school of their choice.

Our tutors in Walthamstow can teach all aspects of the common entrance exams, from English and maths, to verbal and non-verbal reasoning, as well as any other topics. For Tutor House’s tutors, making sure the student feels prepared for exams, as well as providing them with any interview practice and extra mentorship is what our tutors are all about.

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Tutor House’s GCSE tutors in Walthamstow work with students to make sure they feel comfortable with their GCSE subjects before the exam day comes. Whether you’re struggling with the three core subjects of English, Maths or Science, or require help with a language or creative subject like Music, our tutors are all passionate, DBS-checked professionals keen on teaching their subject.

We understand the need to receive great GCSE grades to get in good stead for A-Level subjects. With so many topics to cover, we realize it can be pretty stressful. All of our tutors work with a number of GCSE students preparing for their exams, teaching exam technique, content and revision methods. These help improve student’s GCSE results, and also provides them with techniques they can utilise for A-Levels too.

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Are you looking for a qualified and professional A-Level tutor in Walthamstow? Tutor House is able to help. We understand the stress that comes with working towards excellent A-Level grades to get into your chosen university. Therefore, we only employ outstanding degree-educated tutors to guarantee A-Level success.

The international student market and expectations on young people to attend university have made getting into first-choice universities extremely competitive. Our tutors can also help with writing personal statements and with essay strategizing. Therefore, our tutors will work with you to revise content and learn exam techniques. They will also work with you in a mentor-like capacity to ensure you learn skills that will follow you through to higher education.