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Sarah N
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< 1HR
£30 / hour
5 years

I have completed the IGCSE and IB and am currently studying Psychology at King's College London. Experience: I have taught children with ADHD and Dyslexia for several years. Subjects taught were Math, English, Sciences and Humanities. I spent 1 year teaching an EAL class. I have also spent 2 years teaching the IB and helping in the preparation of essays and IAs for the IB. I am currently also teaching IGCSE, A Level and IB Teaching approach: After meeting the student I revise a personalised plan focusing on their strengths and weaknesses and keeping in mind personal goals. Over time I will adjust it based on performance so the student can achieve his/her aims successfully. I have helped students improve marks over time and take work from level 5 to 7.

Ben W
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< 1HR
£20 / hour
1 year

I'm a student at UCL and have been surrounded by mathematics my whole life. It has always been my best subject partly due to my mum being head of maths at a large secondary school, this also means I have good access to resources to help pupils with their work. I love maths because of its many uses, and that there is always more than one way to reach the right answer. I make a great tutor because it is not long since I finished my time in school and actually only sat my A Levels 2 years ago, achieving 4 A* at A level two of which were maths and further maths, I remember exactly what it's like to be studying for school exams. Furthermore being not too much older that the students they will undoubtedly feel more comfortable around me than a tutor that might be twice or three times their age. I have tutored two different pupils for GCSE maths both of them and their parents were very happy with my work. Below is a refference from one of the parents. September 2017 "We asked him to help our son on his run up to his GCSE exams 2017. He started sessions with our son in October 2016, once a week for an hour when our son was finding it difficult to motivate himself in maths and struggling with some of the concepts. Ben, though in his own A Level year, made the commitment to come and tutor and gave our son much needed confidence in the subject, he was reliable and never late to any sessions. The GCSE year is highly pressurised as there are so many subjects and exams, so some focused support was very much appreciated, especially considering that it was a new GCSE course. It was an opportunity to explore particular issues and even to go back to reinforce topics where there were weaknesses. We are very happy to recommend Ben to you as a tutor. He is patient, polite and being of a similar age to our son he was able to help him in a way that perhaps an older tutor may not have been able to." Jenny.

Tamoor S
£30 / hour
5 years

Hi I am Tamoor and I Teach Math and Higher National Subjects for Electrical Engineers. I am an Electrical Engineer with a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineer and an ongoing PhD in Electrical and Electronics. I have 6+ years of experience of teaching from level 4 onward to level 7 in Electrical Engineering, Engineering Mathematics (Calculus, Algebra, Pure Math, and everything about Math) and Physics. I understand Engineering as I have worked in different Industries previously from manufacturing to operational and maintenance work. These experiences of industries gave me an opportunity to excel with engineering day to day scenarios and challenges. However, on top of my technical, administrative and industrial skills, I am very much interested in teaching and problem-solving. I love to teach Math being an Engineer and could participate in some Physics and Science work. I have strong background and Knowledge of Electrical and Electronics Engineering and specialize in Pearson B-Tech. up to B-ENG level teaching. I can Teach Electrical Engineering and Math for Cambridge, Edexcel, OCR and Pearson Exam Boards. Any other exam boards can also be discussed. Any further Information needed- please never hesitate to click on message.

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Are you looking for an experienced, professional and qualified common entrance tuition in Walthamstow? We have you covered. Whether you’re looking to get into an east-London-based school, such as University of East London, all of our tutors have succeeded in getting their pupils into the secondary school of their choice.

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