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Tamlyn G
£40 / hour
3 years

I am an enthusiastic teacher that is 100% dedicated and passionate. My teaching career began when I started educating teenagers from underprivileged backgrounds, Economics for one year. I also created their entire curriculum for the year. I then moved to China where I taught for a prestigious ESL English School for two and a half years. I also tutored English/ESL as well as Beginner Guitar, privately. I have a passion for teaching and the English language, and I especially love seeing students being enthusiastic about what they are learning. I enjoy creating new, fun and interesting activities to keep students constantly active and involved.

Sylvia B
£20 / hour
20 years

My long-time work experience from Bulgaria as a teacher of English and French is due to my linguistic expertise, self-confidence, organisational ability and motivational skills which I have acquired during more than 24 years of teaching. My professional history has been formed mainly in the Secondary stage of Bulgarian Education system as well as through tutoring and volunteering with children and adults. I take pride in my work as an English and French teacher in the best Secondary school in my home town where foreign languages are a priority and main school subjects. Apart school work, I worked as a private tutor and had a number of students who I prepared for FCE and CAE Cambridge exams as well as for IELTS exams in English. I also taught English and French to adults in evening courses and Elementary to Intermediate French to students from other schools. I worked as a Teacher in a Summer school in English, therefore I have already experience in working in Language schools. In addition, I worked many years as a Language tutor in Language courses in English and French with young people and adults as well. I have Master's degrees in English as a foreign language and in French. I have a recognised QTS, a valid DBS check and some experience as a supply teacher mainly in schools in and around Coventry. Therefore, I consider myself qualified and experienced enough and I have no doubt that I will be able to demonstrate strong commitment, deep understanding and professionalism in tutoring.

Susanne R
£50 / hour
10 years

Hi, I'm Susanne, a language tutor with over 10 years experience principally teaching German and English, and additionally French, to a broad range of students from professional backgrounds, from large corporate companies down to smaller institutions and private clients. My experience covers teaching individuals as well as groups, ranging from the introduction of base concepts for complete beginners (A1), through to advanced level and conversational training (C2) for the very experienced. I also help with exam preparation, i.e. GCSE, A-Levels and Goethe-Certificate. My first years of teaching focused on pupils and after school tutoring whilst I was studying Product Design in Germany. I took up teaching again in 2013 in London and acquired my TEFL qualification. This allowed me to reach out to private professionals and also to teach in companies, who offer their employees language classes on a regular basis to improve their business relationships with Germany. My approach is very much tailored to each learner’s specific needs. I’m a very dedicated and personable teacher who enjoys the variety of different individuals and finding ways to help them learn best. I am very passionate about teaching and enjoy all aspects that it encompasses. I'm keen on continuing to develop my language knowledge outside of teaching. I have basic knowledge of Italian and have taken up Spanish, which is very useful for me to also help Spanish speaking students learn other languages, as having knowledge of their language allows me to draw parallels between the two, and so accelerate their learning. I very much welcome the variety of students’ backgrounds and can often explain grammar structures in comparing and relating to their own language. I also offer field trips for those who are a bit more advanced in German or English and wish to learn and have fun to express themselves about specific topics, i.e. art, education, politics, or train the distinct use of their linguistic style, i.e. stylistic devices, figures of speech or set locutions. This could be a visit to a museum or to the Royal College of Art, where we look at works and talk about them, put them in context etc. Outside of teaching I love being outdoors, in particular rock climbing and hiking and exploring new places. I also am a very keen baker. Testimonials of my previous clients: Michael Penn / Professor, Stanford University (10.08.2018) "Susanne is an amazingly gifted pedagogue and a great German teacher. Regardless of your level, you’ll learn tons working with her. Susanne’s enthusiasm and love for the language is contagious. She constantly finds innovative approaches to help one improve—whether they be articles tailored to your interests, word games, or museum trips to see German artists. She is extremely patient and is able to find exactly the right level of intervention to help lessen mistakes but still boosting your confidence. Her background and even her previous work in design give her teaching a depth and breadth that is wonderful (and fun) to be a part of. She perfectly balances organized (she always has a clear learning plan) with flexible (she tailors things, both beforehand and-the-fly, depending on what’s happening in the classroom). Because German is essential for my work, I’ve had dozens of German tutors over the years and Susanne is among the very best." Oliver Smeeth / Corporate Cousel (5.06.2018) "I’m so pleased I found Susanne after struggling to make progress with other teachers and classes. Susanne quickly worked out how best to help me tailoring each lesson to address gaps in my knowledge and delivering content in a way that works for me. She has also been incredibly flexible working around my sometimes long and unpredictable working hours, which I’ve really appreciated. Overall Susanne is an incredibly dedicated, personal and professional German teacher all goes above and beyond to help clients make real progress. I really look forward to my classes with her. Thanks Susanne for making learning German fun again!" Ann-Catherine Mathias, mother of 13 year-old pupil (4.07.2017) "Susanne Rueb has been tutoring my son Niklas (aged 13) in German and French for over 9 months on an almost weekly basis. She is a lovely friendly person who has managed to motivate our son to concentrate for 2 hours on a Saturday morning, which I had thought impossible. As an Anglo-German family we took the decision to send our children to the German school in London but have found that, despite speaking German at home, our eldest son needed some additional help to improve particularly his written German. He was also beginning to struggle in French and had lost all motivation or ambition in relation to this subject. As is often the case, he found it hard to work with a parent and so we looked for a tutor would encourage and motivate him. We were incredibly fortunate to find Susanne. Niklas responded incredibly well to her from the start. She manages to structure the lessons in a way that keep Niklas interested and engaged. She prepares material for each lesson and makes sure that she is aware of curriculum and tests planned at school, so that they can practice appropriately. Susanne often goes over homework and previous tests, which Niklas has found particularly helpful. She frequently brings additional teaching materials that help to make lessons more fun. Niklas really likes working with her. Since Susanne started working with him, Niklas’ written German (and his corresponding grades) have improved significantly. In French the gradual deterioration in his grade has stopped and they are improving. Whereas he was heading towards a 4 (German marking - an English D) he is now working towards a 2 (B). I would certainly recommend Susanne as a tutor."

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Are you looking for an experienced, professional and qualified common entrance tuition in Walthamstow? We have you covered. Whether you’re looking to get into an east-London-based school, such as University of East London, all of our tutors have succeeded in getting their pupils into the secondary school of their choice.

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Tutor House’s GCSE tutors in Walthamstow work with students to make sure they feel comfortable with their GCSE subjects before the exam day comes. Whether you’re struggling with the three core subjects of English, Maths or Science, or require help with a language or creative subject like Music, our tutors are all passionate, DBS-checked professionals keen on teaching their subject.

We understand the need to receive great GCSE grades to get in good stead for A-Level subjects. With so many topics to cover, we realize it can be pretty stressful. All of our tutors work with a number of GCSE students preparing for their exams, teaching exam technique, content and revision methods. These help improve student’s GCSE results, and also provides them with techniques they can utilise for A-Levels too.

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Are you looking for a qualified and professional A-Level tutor in Walthamstow? Tutor House is able to help. We understand the stress that comes with working towards excellent A-Level grades to get into your chosen university. Therefore, we only employ outstanding degree-educated tutors to guarantee A-Level success.

The international student market and expectations on young people to attend university have made getting into first-choice universities extremely competitive. Our tutors can also help with writing personal statements and with essay strategizing. Therefore, our tutors will work with you to revise content and learn exam techniques. They will also work with you in a mentor-like capacity to ensure you learn skills that will follow you through to higher education.