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Ashleigh S
Responds in
< 12HR
£20 / hour
1 year

I am a graduate with a BA in English and Religion. I have experience in assisting with teaching secondary school students and have also tutored primary school students on a one to one basis. I am an enthusiastic tutor with a desire to share my knowledge and passion for the English with others. My goal in life is to help as many people as I can and tutoring allows me to do this. I don't see learning as a chore but more of an opportunity to expand the mind and open up your world. My first experience with teaching was during my time at college where I helped primary school children with their reading and basic mathematics. This sparked the desire in me to teach and help others to find their passion for learning. I was able to see the progress my students were making each week as they moved onto more complicated books at a higher level, which was extremely rewarding. I have always had a passion for writing, beginning my creative writing journey at a very young age. My time at University allowed me to experience first hand the influence literature has had on, not only people, but society throughout the years. As well as creative writing, I also enjoy writing non-fiction pieces, such as articles and reports, allowing me to continually develop my skills and expand my portfolio. I believe that tutoring should be tailored to the individual. People learn things in different ways and a blanket method of teaching does not work. It is important to understand the individual and set them achievable goals. My teaching style may differ from others, as I want to bring a fresh approach to teaching in order to give my students the best chance of success.

Helen C
Responds in
< 24HR
£50 / hour
5 years

I have been a qualified Physics teacher since 2016, and in that time I have helped hundreds of students achieve highly in their GCSE and A-level Physics. My students achieve excellent grades and are always my top priority. My experience in the classroom and formal teacher training has greatly assisted my tutoring. I began tutoring at the start of teacher training, and have been doing so for 5 years alongside my work in schools. In my experience, so many students benefit from a one-to-one style of teaching, particularly with such large class sizes in so many schools. Teaching has always been my passion - I have taught science since I was 12 years old, teaching primary school students in my holidays, and then I progressed to outreach and tutoring. This is reflected in both my career choice and my current study of an MSc in Science Communication.

Devi R
£30 / hour
20 years

As a french native speaker who has lived and studied in France. I have a track record for my linguistic skills in giving confidence to students who struggle to master foreign language and understand French culture. The learning experience is based on well prepared and structured lessons to motivate in learning how to develop the technique of improving their written skills, listening and speaking, learning French key words. The teaching technique is based on identifying the weaknesses and strength of the students thus helping them to reach their targets.

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