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Lakeisha D
£50 / hour
6 years

I am an experienced and enthusiastic teacher having trained in the creative arts at London’s Central St Martins and The Beaux Arts in Paris and as a teacher at UCL’s Institute of Education. I believe that the tutelage offered to every new student is as unique as a fingerprint and I work hard with my students to help them achieve their goals. As a qualified teacher for the past 6 years and acting head of department for the past 2 years I have been helping students between KS2 and post 18 to achieve success in their GCSE, A-level, BTEC and HND qualifications in Art, Textiles and functional skills maths and English. Having done this and facilitated a large number of successful university applications to prestigious UK and international arts universities for several years in London and internationally I am looking forward to supporting other students to do the same. I have worked extensively with students of all abilities, supporting the achievement of gifted and talented students and those with learning and physical impairments to achieve their greatest success. As a class teacher I have always used one-to-one tutorials to support student success tutoring both inside and privately outside school. I feel that the Arts are uniquely positioned to be personalised and I believe that the best way of enabling student success is to engage them in a personal enjoyment of the subject by providing an bespoke programme. I look forward to offering further opportunities to engage students in the arts in the near future.

Benjamin P
£40 / hour
7 years

I am an experienced teacher and researcher with a background working in both Higher Education and at Secondary level. Most recently I have held academic posts at Queen Mary University of London, King's College London, and SOAS, teaching English Literature. My research specialism is in twentieth-century literature and culture, branching out into history, art history, and philosophy. My academic work on literary studies has been published widely in specialist journals and in literary journalism; in my spare time I write about classical music for I have undergraduate and MA degrees from the University of York, where I achieved outstanding academic results; my doctorate is from Queen Mary University of London. Before taking up an academic post I taught A Level and GCSE English at Woolwich Polytechnic School in London, where I contributed to the school achieving outstanding results. I have also worked as a private tutor for a number of years for agencies such as Fleet and Winterwood. I have a broad range of expertise and am available to teach English literature, language, art history, history, and philosophy. I am also available to offer coaching on UCAS applications, personal statements, and Oxbridge interviews.

Luke B
Responds in
< 6HR
£40 / hour
4 years

I have a PhD in molecular biology (Cambridge) and a BA in Biological Sciences (1st, Oxford). Teaching students and watching them progress was the most rewarding part of my PhD, so I am now tutoring! My specialty is mathematics, the sciences, and peripheral study skills. My experience is one-on-one and small-group tutoring of undergraduates at the University of Cambridge. This includes being trained for the world-famous small group supervision system, then teaching evolution and immunology. Additionally, I was selected for a mentoring scheme, training struggling undergraduates one-to-one through the academic year, creating tailored programmes together with the student to address their weaknesses and empower them to achieve their goals. My teaching philosophy is that every student is different, and by finding how they learn most effectively, they can progress efficiently. I work together with students to explain material they struggle to understand, trial studying and revision methods, and coach exam technique if required. I have also taught English to scientific collaborators from all over the world, and coached judo!

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Common Entrance tutors in Whetstone

If you’re looking for experienced, professional and qualified common entrance tuition in Whetstone, we can help. Whatever school you want to apply to, be it boarding or otherwise, our tutors are experts in ensuring students attain their first-place school choice.

Our tutors in Whetstone specialise in teaching all aspects of the common entrance exams, from English and maths, to verbal and non-verbal reasoning, as well as any additional topics. Our tutors have secured places for students at top schools across the country, such as Winchester, Eton and Marlborough.

GCSE and IGCSE tutors in Whetstone

Tutor House’s GCSE tutors in Whetstone work with students to ensure they feel confident before exam day. No matter what subject you are struggling with, be in science, maths or English, a language, creative subjects or one of the humanities, our tutors are all degree-educated and passionate about teaching.

Our tutors help students prepare by revising core exam content, going through past papers and helping with time management. The pressure on students to achieve great grades can be overwhelming, tutors work with students to eleviate this burden and mentor them to success.

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If you’re looking for a qualified and professional A-Level tutor in Whetstone, we can help. We understand the stress that comes with working towards excellent A-Level grades to get into your chosen university. As a result, we only work with first-class educators that have personally been met and interviewed by us.

With top universities across the country so oversubscribed, it can be overwhelming for students to achieve their best A-Level grades. Our tutors work to help students achieve their best and will mentor them throughout the process and up until exam day.