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Why our London GCSE Christmas revision courses can be so beneficial to students

Sometimes a little extra push can go a long way. And at Tutor House, we strive to ensure that we get the most from each and every one of our students.

Tutor House offers GCSE revision courses in London to help get the very best results – ones that we know our students deserve.

GCSEs are becoming increasingly important with many universities. They now require students to obtain top grades in core subjects like Maths, English and Science to be considered for a place.

So why are GCSE revision courses so useful? We’ve put together a few reasons to help you make up your mind.

1. They allow students to focus on specific subjects

Not all subjects are as easy as others. All students, at some point, will find there will be a time where a topic or subject is difficult to grasp. Some students will excel at Maths and English while struggling with the Sciences. Others will find History a breeze but Geography completely daunting.

At Tutor House, we provide private tuition in London for a wide range of GCSE subjects to ensure students are able to secure the grades they need. Our knowledgeable team of tutors have carefully designed a week of well-structured Christmas revision courses to ensure our students are at their most receptive, productive, and willing to learn, just in time for the January exams.

Unlike many schools in London where a teacher will have to attended to up to 30 children in one class, our GCSE revision courses have been designed to allow our tutors to spend enough quality teaching time with each student.

Our tutors will identify key weaknesses in specific subject areas or modules for each student and address them accordingly.

2. A proven track record

We have a proven track record and we are proud to say that thanks to our tailored courses, students who have studied with us have achieved better grades every year. Setting out to help students improve their grades, get their first choices when it comes to A-Level courses, Colleges or Universities is so important to us, and their success is what we care about most.

3. Experienced, knowledgeable, friendly private tutors

Our tutors are welcoming, experienced and professional. They have all worked in schools, and all have a University degree in their teaching subjects and the majority of them are Oxbridge graduates. We make sure all our private tutors are carefully chosen and are not only experts in their respective fields, but are also dynamic and inspirational too.

4. GCSE private tuition is proven to be the best way to get great results

Many students feel an immense amount of pressure as their GCSE exams approach. We work with your child to relieve that stress and anxiety, and help them feel confident and prepared for exam day. There’s a great deal of evidence that one-on-one tuition is the best way to revise and achieve optimum results. Revision that is planned and structured is the ideal way to learn.

We will not only focus on difficult subject matter and GCSE revision guides, but also on exam techniques by answering questions and working through past papers. We’ll come up with realistic and effective revision structures to enable students to retain the knowledge, and attain the best grades they can. We’ve had excellent feedback about our GCSE revision courses, with nine out of ten students saying we helped them revise more effectively.

5. Knowledge that productive revision is getting done

During the school term it is easy to put your trust in teachers to ensure that subjects are being covered, and work is being done. However when the holidays are upon us it can be difficult to be sure that work is being completed.

Naturally you want your child to do the best they possibly can in these important exams, but you don’t want to push them too hard! At Tutor House our receptive, approachable staff will be able to assess your child’s strengths and weaknesses, and come up with a targeted work plan that will ensure they get most out of their time here, as well as keeping you updated on their progress every step of the way.

So why not relieve stress for all the family this Christmas and enlist on one of Tutor House’s Christmas GCSE revision courses today?

To book your place on our Christmas GCSE revision courses in London please E-Mail us –