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New Trends in Homeschooling

  • Tutor House has a wealth of experience in supporting students who have decided to undertake homeschooling, be it due to illness, exclusion or personal circumstances.
  • We offer a bespoke tailor- made service for homeschooling students where our consultants will work with you to devise a schedule suited to your needs and requirements.
  • At Tutor House, we recognise the need for flexible and varied options for learning and will be able to offer a number of options depending on your individual circumstances.
  • Come in and meet us all to discuss your specific home-schooling requirements.

Homeschooling has increasingly become more and more popular as students seek flexible routes into higher education. According to sources, ‘with figures for the last five years, there’s been an average increase of 61 percent in the number of children being educated at home.’ This significant surge in the number of home-schoolers is indicative of the increasing responsibility and importance of tutors and one-to-one private tuition. The quality of tuition is of high importance as students rely solely on the support and guidance of their tutors to help them through their academic development and the national curriculum. Homeschooling is the next viable option for students who for either health- related circumstances, personal or other external factors decide to continue with their education and learning in a more relaxed yet efficient environment.

For those students who are not permitted to continue with their GCSE and A- Level qualifications at their school/college, then homeschooling is the preferred course of action as this provides flexibility and guided learning. Following popular demand, the nature of homeschooling has also changed with the option of online tutorials, which allows further flexibility and ease for the student depending on their individual needs and requirements. Overall, we predict that homeschooling will be on the rise as the demands of modern schooling become more rigid. Students will look for alternative routes into their preferred educational path and at Tutor House, we have a team of outstanding tutors with experience in homeschooling who will be able to support and guide you along the way.

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