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Newsletter to Tutors

With exam results out and the end of summer nearing, many of you will be thinking about tutoring for the next academic year. Whether you have existing clients you will be tutoring or you are looking for new clients, Tutor House have a number of upcoming opportunities which may be of interest to you. So watch this space!

Tutor House continues to grow along with the need for high calibre tutors across all subjects and levels. If you are looking to increase your chances of landing yourselves with more tutoring work, then do let us know. This year, Tutor House will be working directly with you to enhance your prospects of becoming successful Tutors. If you need help with your personal profile, need more skills and qualifications or simply want to attend a refresher course in a given subject you wish to tutor, let us know. Our aim is to help foster and develop top quality Tutors by providing the means to make that happen. Have you ever had to turn away a job teaching a child with dyslexia only because you didn’t have the appropriate experience? Or would you like to start tutoring for iGCSEs but have no idea on how to do so? Then Tutor House is here to help.

This year, Tutor House will be running courses, revision classes and group lessons at our Exam Centre in Liverpool Street. We will be looking for highly experienced tutors to run the classes. If this is something of interest to you and you would like to be considered for such an opportunity then do contact us.

Furthermore, Tutor House welcomes all tutors to share their thoughts and opinions on any educational related subject matter over our blog. We are looking for opinionated tutors with an active voice to start discussions on key areas currently affecting the educational sector. This is a great opportunity to share your thoughts with a wide variety of people who visit our site each day.

To speak to Tutor House’s consultants for more information on any of the above mentioned points,  email