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Could Online Tutoring Benefit Your Child?

Whether it is studying for exams or simply to get some additional help with a particular subject or topic, online tutoring could be a helpful solution to students looking for some extra support.

In fact, the rise in the number parents and students turning to online tutoring over the past decade demonstrates just how effective it can be when it comes to improving grades, preparing for further study and undertaking A-Level and GCSE examinations.

Online tuition is particularly advantageous for a number of reasons and suits students and parents who perhaps need more flexibility and a more cost-effective solution than private face to face tuition offers.

What are the benefits of online tuition?

  • Availability
  • Value for money
  • Technology
  • Confidence

So is online tutoring the best option for your child? Let’s explore some of the benefits.

Availability & flexibility

Often parents are keen for their children to receive additional tuition. However, logistics can get in the way. Online tutoring can be done remotely, so geography and time aren’t limiting factors. The convenience of online tutoring means parents and students can find tutors who are experts in their subjects and can be readily available at a time and date that works for them. With these restrictions being no longer a barrier, finding a tutor to suit their needs inevitably becomes so much easier.

Value for money

While many pupils prefer to have 1:1 tuition face to face with a tutor, if you are looking for a service that provides a high level of tuition without having to incur the expense of fuel and travel time, then online tuition offers a fantastic alternative. Because competition between tutors is fiercer one can also be more selective – tutors are competing for your business rather than vice versa. Therefore, you can be confident the tuition students receive will be extremely high quality and consequently feel assured you are getting good value for money.


In our contemporary society, young people are far more at ease communicating via technology, perhaps even more so than face to face! Working with a tutor online means that work and communication can be saved and stored for future reference. It is easy for students to pause and go back over work or information to refresh their knowledge, and useful aids such as presentations, diagrams, and other online resources can easily be accessed and referred to in a more seamless way. Screen sharing, virtual whiteboards and file sharing are made easy in an online tutoring session.


Your child may prefer seeking help from a tutor online rather than face to face as there is more of a degree of anonymity this way. Often students can shy away from the idea of 1:1 tuition and the intensity of this way of learning may deter them. Seeking help online, therefore, can feel more comfortable and is a good compromise for students resisting tuition face to face.

The benefits of online tutoring can be discovered by a range of students studying at all levels of their academic learning. Naturally, pupils studying for GCSE’s and A-Level’s, particularly in the lead up to exams will find extra tuition helpful. However, students going on to study further in higher education institutions can also benefit.

Additional benefits of online tutoring:

International students attending UK universities

Online tutoring can be very helpful to those students coming to the UK to study at university. Tutors can help them to understand the UK education system, help them prepare for university life, guide them through the application process, and work out the key topics that they should focus on before starting their university courses. The immediacy of online tutoring is also appealing for students abroad where time zones and geography don’t get in the way, and they can quickly and easily find answers to the questions they have.

Online tutors can also help international students with English language teaching, helping them to improve their command of the English language both more formal language teaching including grammar and spelling and conversational English language tutoring too.

UK students heading to international universities

In recent years there has also been a massive increase in the number of UK students considering studying abroad. Now many students are choosing universities outside the UK for further study, online tutoring has expanded its repertoire with tutors now specialising in helping these students apply for international universities as well as prepare for university life abroad.

Online tutoring is quickly becoming one of the most viable methods of gaining readily available support for students needing extra tuition during their academic schooling. With the only requirements being a computer and access to the internet it is now possible for students all over the world to tap into the expertise that online tutors can provide. With this flexibility, they can connect with tutors as often or as little as is necessary, and therefore can create their own bespoke, on-demand learning programmes to suit their unique needs.

If you are looking for an expert tutor to help you or your child, Tutor House can help. Our online tutors have a range of expertise across all subjects, and we can match a tutor to suit the needs of any student. Find out more about how our online tutors can help you here.

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