GCSE or IGCE Economics tuition in London

“Economics is everywhere, and understanding economics can help you make better decisions and lead a happier life.”
-Tyler Cowen

Tutor House provides professional tutors with years of experience, who are experts in the subjects they teach. Our friendly tutors make sure that they provide comprehensive, thorough and interesting GCSE or IGCE Economics tuition that will engage and motivate students, and help them to gain their desired results.

GCSE or IGCE Economics tuition helps students acquire essential research skills, enhance their problem solving abilities and establish organisation and analytical skills. 

Through studying GCSE or IGCE Economics, students will not only gain a better understanding of the world around them, but of themselves. 

Breakdown of the core Economics GCSE or IGCE content:

The main areas covered in an Economics GCSE are:

How markets work:

  • Economic foundations
  • Resource allocation
  • How prices are determined
  • Production, costs, revenue and profit
  • Competitive and concentrated markets
  • Market failure

How the economy works:

  • Introduction to the national economy
  • Government objectives
  • How the government manages the economy
  • International trade and the global economy
  • The role of money and financial markets

Why is it worth studying GCSE or IGCE Economics?

Studying Economics GCSE roots the student to a newfound appreciation of the economy and all that is affected by it. As a result, Economics GCSE students will most often continue pursuing Economics or equivalent economic studies, either at GCSE or A-level. Ultimately, studying Economics creates many opportunities for diverse career options like analysis and consultancy.

Benefits of studying Economics GCSE or iGCSE

Studying GCSE Economics can be useful for intermediate and advanced internships in certain fields of work like advising and consultancy. It is a broad subject that can be applied to many industries. Therefore, studying Economics at GCSE gives students a monumental basis for further study at A-Level and degree level, and allows for students to apply their skill sets in a diversified field.