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Regardless of the subject or level being studied, private tuition will support international students studying in London to help realise their ambitions and dreams.

Whether it’s A-Levels, GCSEs or the IB programme, private tutors can help international students understand the UK education system, assist with School and University applications and lastly improve their understanding and knowledge in their chosen field of study. Morever, help them with the IELTS exam


If you’re still weighing up your options and not quite convinced on what private tuition has to offer, we’ve compiled the main points in an easy-to-digest format.  

Preparing for the IELTS exams

The IELTS exam is the standard test used by most Schools, Colleges and Universities in the UK as a measure of language ability.

In order to studyA-Levels, students are generally expected to have an IELTS score of 6.0 and above, although it is advisable to contact the individual School or College as each institution will have their own entry requirements.

This is an essential  qualification to have for any international student hoping to start or continue their education in the UK. 

We Tutor House offers English Language training in order to help international students prepare for the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) exam. 

Meet Russell Group University Entrance Requirements  

With more and more students applying for University places, it’s essential that your marks hover between AAA-ABB  in your A-Levels.  The top Universities in the UK now require ABB as an absolute minimum.  

As an international student, you’re already at a slight disadvantage compared to local students. Private tuition can help you reach your academic potential sooner rather than later. The top London tutors can help get you up to speed  in no amount of time

UCAS Advice

International tutors can help you with more than just exam preparation. The UCAS application process for international students is no picnic and if you’re not accustomed to the process, it can seem confusing and daunting at the best of times.

 International tuition can help you to make sense of the small print and build your application to show off your academic achievements as well as individual qualities. Remember that Universities now look for more than just your  academic achievements!

Choosing Your University

While you want to go to a university with a decent reputation, it’s also important to go for one that fits your personality and interests. In addition, one university may be better than another in a specific field or department. This may not be 100% clear unless you’re familiar with the UK system.  

Help with Work Experience

Universities will also tend to look beyond your academic achievements. Universities like to see students that are well rounded with academic potential, extracurricular activities and work experience under their belt.

Therefore it is imperative that you include all relevant experiences and achievements on your application to demonstrate what you will bring to the University you are applying to.  

International tutors know exactly where you’re coming from and can give you advice on where to apply and how to get the position you’re looking for. Whether it’s helping you draft your first email or put a covering letter together, help  is on hand

Work on Key Areas

Don’t be put off from studying your desired subject of interest only because you do not have the prerequisites to do so. Private tutors are highly experienced in assisting you prepare and plan for any prerequisites needed thus enabling you to realise your dreams and true potential.

Boost Your Confidence

Sometimes all you need is the confidence that you’re on the right path in order to achieve the marks that reflect your true ability.  

Settling down in a new country and environment can be a daunting experience however private tutors can reinforce belief in your abilities by going over  subject material on a one-to-one basis.