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The Pros and Cons of Online Tutoring

Online tutoring has really come into it’s own in recent years, and with the rise of technology it’s no longer essential for the student and the tutor to meet face to face.


The Internet is an influential ally for knowledge and has made tutoring easy for anyone who needs help, no matter how far away he or she lives. Online tutoring can be as simple as logging onto a website for support in almost any subject, at any level. However, it’s not all good news as the whole experience can hugely vary depending on the student’s age, requirements, their confidence with technology and the tutor’s level of experience.

But do the benefits outweigh the cons? Alex Dyer, the Managing director of one of London’s leading private tutoring agencies Tutor House, said “Students are able to learn from experts and ‘attend’ sessions almost anywhere in the world. However, a lot of people are wary of studying online and rightfully so – the online world of tutoring is an unregulated industry, and for every quality tutor out there are also many incapable ones.”

Positives of Online Tutoring:

1. Easy Accessibility

Students can access educational support whenever they need to, rather than working around the schedule of the private tutor. This comes in handy for students whose daily activities are packed with extracurricular activities in school, university and even work.

2. Saves Energy and Time

Online tutoring saves energy and time from traveling place to place. Even if the student is from a remote area, the student can learn from the comfort of his/her home through the internet.

3. Work Around Your Agenda

Most tutoring companies or individual online tutors have business hours designed specifically to accommodate families. These scheduled hours can be extended from after school hours to late evenings which makes it likely that the tutor would be available when you need them.

4. Flexibility in Curriculum

Online tutoring allows students to select the amount of consultation time with their tutors. This provides autonomy to students to decide whether he or she needs more or less time to learn a subject matter. Curriculum can also be made more flexible in order to suit a student’s needs. Students can even record lessons to review and revise at a later time. Scoring and feedback is also available for online tutoring.

5. Personal Touch to Teaching

With the evolution of latest software technologies, an online tutor may write, speak and dictate, in real time as the student watches. The tutor is also able to interpret the student’s actual work time. This interplay adds a personal touch to teaching. Students can also benefit from the tutors previous essays and how to write guides in order to be able to understand the subject matter better.

Negatives of Online Tutoring:

1. Loss of Personal Interaction

The student can lose the opportunity to gain benefits of online tutoring if he/she is less focused or distracted. Online tutors would not be able to identify this unlike the physical presence of a tutor. If the student is upset or frustrated with a certain task, the tutor might not be able to console them without being physically present.

2. Technology Isn’t Always Up To The Mark

Not all students have access to good, high speed, internet connection. Some might lose connection in the middle of lessons. Students require a high speed internet connection for them to receive the best advantage of online tutoring. They need to also use video-conferencing and webcams on their computer and all this might prove quite costly!

3. Disorganised Students

Students who don’t take learning seriously may fail to turn up for online tutorials. If there is no one to push the disorganised or disinterested student to make their online tutoring session then the tutor does not have any control and therefore can not help the student learn.

Summary of Online Tutoring:

With the above positives and negatives, there is indeed a rise in online tutoring with an increasing number of students partaking in it to accompany school or college teaching. Tutoring online will also become more portable due to the rise of working on Smartphones and Tablets too.

However for now, there really is no substitute for the real thing. Private tuition can really positively influence a student’s academic success in ways that online tuition simply cannot match.

Article written by Alex Dyer, managing director of one of London’s leading private tutoring agencies, Tutor House.