Dear All,

Well, after busy, successful (see our testimonials Testimonials at tutor house) and enjoyable Easter revision courses, tutor house is back with a bang! This time it’s our residential courses which are taking the tutoring industry by storm. We are offering a diverse and interesting array of residential courses.  Our courses are specifically tailored to the individual pupils, there are many different option to consider when deciding the most appropriate residential course to undertake.

Tutors can travel with the student(s) and their families to location around the globe, where the atmosphere is more relaxed and student usually feel comfortable in their own surroundings. Residential tuition usually last for a week, however, we have had clients book tutors in from two days to three weeks, residential tuition is completely flexible. Tuition can last three to eight hours a day.

Another residential course option is for tutors to remain in the U.K and tutor privately at the students own home. Again the tutoring course is completely flexible and hours, days and weeks are entirely up to the client.

Finally students have the option to take part in our summer revision course. This is similar to our Easter and Christmas revision course, but focuses more on the transition from GCSE to AS level and indeed from AS level to A level. Transition Programme at tutor house.
Tutors focus on an introduction to the A level course and help student to understand and interpret questions, based on model answers.

Our residential tuition courses focus manly on the following subjects:

Mathematics, Further Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Economics and Psychology. However, tutor house also offers a range of other residential tuition subjects.

Do please contact tutor house for further information on our upcoming residential courses over the summer.