In a recent Sky News interview Sally Hunt, general secretary of the University and College Union, said the coalition is a “fundamental threat”, undermining the work done in further and higher education. This was a scathing attack on the present government.
Since the turn of the century the UK’s qualification rates have been overtaken by Iceland, Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Japan, Ireland, Portugal, the US, Sweden, Denmark and Norway.
Sally Hunt said, “It is possible that all those countries are wrong to be investing more in education and we are right but I doubt it.”
With impending spending cuts in the education sector, it is not surprising that so many students are turning to private tuition to supplement the education they receive at school. Often, large class sizes and overstretched staff means that students do not receive the individual attention they should. tutor house believes that a private tutor can help provide students with an essential boost that can sometimes be missing from today’s education.