There are many benefits of homeschooling – Tutor House outlines them below:

The benefits of homeschooling are never ending, there are so many children that are homeschooled and many families find that homeschooling is becoming so much more popular. Schools are becoming over crowed and teaching standards are dropping. More and more families are turning to home-schooling. We thought is was important to outline a few of the benefits of homeschooling.

Flexibility: Students can choose their hours instead of following a rigid 9-hour timetable. They can balance their hours effectively, giving them enough time to study independently and relax.

One-to-one Tutoring: Our tutors are able to engage with students on a one-to-one basis, allowing them to fully understand their strengths, weaknesses and learning techniques. The student can then begin improving under the guidance and instruction of a tutor, working at their own pace.

Weekly Exam Practice: Students can undertake a weekly test to monitor their progress. Tutors then give students invaluable feedback and suggestions for further improvement.

Accommodating Special Requirements: We teach many students who have physical disabilities, special educational needs, social anxiety, and those who have suffered disruption in their education and social lives. Homeschooling allows students to balance their health and school work.

Say Goodbye to the School Run: You no longer have to fit your family life around the inconvenience of a school timetable, as with homeschooling you have the flexibility to choose when the learning starts and finishes.

Socialising: We have many ongoing lessons happening in our classrooms in central London, allowing students to socialise and build friendships with students they can relate to.

Extra Curricular: We have many extracurricular activities including mindfulness, yoga and art/music lessons.

Independence: Our students love travelling into our central London office, giving them a sense of independence and maturity they wouldn’t get to experience if they were at school every day. However, our tutors will tailor their approach to your requirements, and if a student wishes to be tutored at their home then this will be arranged. There is also online tutoring for those who prefer this option.

Time to enjoy life: A lot of our homeschooled students gain work experience with part-time jobs and pursue other activities that they previously would have been unable to take part in due to being bound to a rigid school timetable.

Cost: Tutor House treats everyone has an individual so please contact us to find out the exact cost –

How to find a home-schooling support tutor?

Our homeschooling programmes are tailored to each and every individual student’s need. Providing an experience that is totally different from the rigid conventional schooling system, our programmes work on a year-round basis to maximise a student’s potential and help them enjoy learning again. Home education is going, year on year, with failing schools and access to materials and tutors, the growth is set to continue.

We understand that, for whatever reason, students often are unhappy with the traditional education structure. Whether it is because of anxiety or bullying, many aspects can lead to school refusal. Therefore, our homeschooling programmes are tailored to the individual student’s needs, considering their history and requirements.

How our programmes work

Step one – Get in touch

Tutor House understands that homeschooling can be a big step for families to make. As soon as you explain your situation, we will transfer you to one of our homeschooling experts to explain how our process works and how being home schooled could benefit you. We endeavour to answer questions about home school schedules, exam entries and your next education steps.

Step two – Consultation

We invite all prospective homeschooling tutors into our Soho offices for a tailored education consultation. We are happy to travel to you too, or even speak over Skype. Please come bringing any information you think would prove useful to our understanding of the student, such as previous exam results and information about what you want specific subjects and level you require homeschooling for moving forward.

Step three – Get your schedule

Our in-house specialists will then match you with the best tutors for your needs and send you a tailored weekly schedule. The schedule will be designed around the student’s extra-curricular needs; for example, if the student is a keen football player, they will have time in the afternoon to attend matches or training.

Step four – Start homeschooling

We send tutors to you on a weekly basis. Each tutor will work to teach the required curriculum and feedback to the student. All of our tutors will also provide comprehensive monthly feedback reports detailing the student’s progress.

To get your homeschooling journey with Tutor House started, call us on 020 3950 0320 or email

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