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Tips on Time Management during this festive season

This time of year is a favorite for many people packed with lots of recreational activities, social meetings and much needed relaxing. It is no wonder why this festive season is so looked forward to each year.

With time off during this period it is also an ideal time to finish off assignments and gain a head start in revising for upcoming exams. So how do you make your time productive and make the most out of your break?

Tutor House has put together a few handy tips to help you with effective time management skills:

1. Set a Goal

Make a realistic list of goals you would like to achieve during your time off. This can be as small as finally conquering that chapter in Maths you haven’t quite got your head around or taking a subject and beginning your revision for your upcoming exams.

2. Have a Timetable

By having a rough timetable you will naturally allocate time and energy to achieving your set goals whereas you may have otherwise filled it with alternative activities.

3. Have ‘all rounded’ days

Many students will tend to dedicate a few days to finalising their homework, assignments and revision. But it may be an idea to have an hour or two each day of studying and thereafter go on to reward yourself with a fun packed activity with family and friends.

For further information and advice on how best to utilise your time without compromising your time for enjoyment and relaxing contact Tutor House’s team of educational consultants by sending an email to