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If you’ve ever asked yourself, “Where can I find a Chemistry tutor near me?” Tutor House can answer that for you.

Hundreds of fantastic Chemistry tutors are confident in changing the way you or your child understand this challenging subject. No matter what your learning style may be, we are certain that we can find the right tutor for you.

This month, we’d like to feature a few of the Chemistry tutors who have done an exceptional job with their students:

Anthony T

Anthony has taught for several years in both the UK and in China. He takes a uniquely interactive approach in tutoring his students. His experimental methods of teaching have helped students achieve success in Chemistry, guiding them through the difficult study with ease.

Aurelija I

A Biochemistry student with an extensive background in tutoring, Aurelija goes the extra mile in preparing her students for lessons. Her thorough understanding of the syllabus and exam expectations allow her to aid her students in achieving their greatest potential.

Sean G

An Oxford graduate with impressive worldwide tutoring experience, Sean’s teaching methods are sure to earn you or your child top marks. He has successfully prepared hundreds of students during his 5+ year teaching background, demonstrating an innate ability to work effectively with pupils.

Jas M

Jas is a pharmacist and a teacher who is keen to share her knowledge and passion with her students. Her lessons are individualised based her assessment of each student’s needs, making sure that they will achieve success no matter what their learning abilities may be.

Yaara A

Yaara is a 2nd year Chemistry & Mathematics student who has lived and studied all over the world.Learning in various countries has allowed Yaara to develop a unique approach to her own teaching methods. Her adaptability to different environments makes her teaching style suitable for students’ individual needs.