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If you’ve ever wondered, “Where can I find a Maths tutor near me?” Tutor House has your answer.

Countless outstanding Maths tutors are determined to change the way you or your child will comprehend this difficult subject. No matter what kind of tuition you may need, we can find the right tutor for you.

This month, we’d like to feature a few of the Maths tutors who have done an outstanding job with their students: 

William D

 As a current PhD student in Biomedical Engineering, William is well-versed in all things Maths. He has tutored students of all ages, from primary to degree level. Not only is William passionate about Maths, but also about helping students understand the curriculum.

Oliver A

 When Oliver isn’t tutoring, his Maths skills are going towards his Data Consultancy work. He has been known to aid students’ grade levels in as little as 3 months time. Oliver has also worked with students who have learning disabilities, demonstrating his ability to cater to any students’ needs.

India S

India has a Masters degree in Psychology, and extensive experience in tutoring Maths, especially within her own home. Through tutoring her younger sister, she has acquired outstanding patience and an understanding for the developing mind of a child. She is adept at keeping each of her lessons dynamic and personalised.


Tanja B

Tanja is an enthusiastic, dedicated individual who thrives on seeing her students achieve success in Maths and other subjects she teaches. Her interpersonal skills allow her to connect with her students easily, as well as individualize the lesson to their specific needs.






Matthew H

Matthew is currently working on his PhD in pure mathematics, and has previously studied around the world. He tutored high school and undergraduate students during his studies, and has also worked in classroom settings with children who struggled. Therefore, his relatable method of teaching creates a dynamic learning environment for his students.