Christmas revision courses with Tutor House

The Christmas holidays are an essential study period prior to January exams, mocks and generally getting ahead for the next term. Our Christmas revision courses maximize the student’s time so they can have intensive bursts of learning whilst also enjoying time to relax with family and enjoy the holiday season.

Our revision courses are aimed at getting students prepared for their academic exams by focusing on common weak areas, such as time management and answering exam questions to ensure marks are attained. Our Christmas revision courses are perfect for GCSE, Pre-U or A-Levels and consist of both small group classes and tailored one-on-one intensive courses.

Tutor House’s revision courses explore:

  • Time management
  • Essential content revision
  • Exam practice questions
  • How to answer exam questions for maximum marks

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Small group classes

We host our small group classes in our Soho office classrooms over the holiday season and welcome between two and six students per group. Our group sessions are reserved for popular subjects such as maths or English GCSE, or A-Levels. These are subject to demand and availability.

One-on-one revision course

Our one-on-one revision courses are tailored to the student’s learning needs and styles. Whether the student struggles with time management or answering essay questions effectively, our team will consult with you prior to the course to ensure the student makes the most of the course.

Tutor House’s one-on-one revision courses are held in either our Soho classrooms, or our tutors will travel to you in your home. These courses are intensive revision sessions aiming to improve weak areas prior to exams. The Christmas break provides the optimum opportunity for this; with lots of time to go on holiday and also prepare for the upcoming academic year.

For more information and to book our Christmas revision courses – please email or call 0203 9500 320.