What are the Benefits of Residential Tutoring?

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What is a Residential tutor?

Private tutors can support you and your children during the holidays. Having a tutor during the holidays can make up for illness, teacher sick days, and can prepare children for an exam (8+, 11+ or 13+), but in a relaxed environment.

Tutors will usually travel with you on holiday, but they also can stay with you in the UK or abroad for a length of time, usually between 2-6 weeks over the summer, or two weeks during the Christmas and Easter holidays. Residential tutoring primarily focuses on one child or student, but tutors will also work with siblings and friends. Tutors teach for 5 hours per day for 6 days, but they are flexible on hours. Parents normally buy a package of 30 hours.

Parents would be expected to provide accommodation, food and cover travel costs.

A number of Newspapers have supported Tutor House and our Residential courses, in the UK and abroad.

Find Residential Tutors in London

Residential tuition is becoming more and more popular, with families recognising the importance of education, schooling, and tutoring.

But finding the right tutor can always be tricky, that’s why, at Tutor House, we have a number of specially trained tutors, many of whom are Oxbridge graduates, qualified teachers and have years of experience.

These classes are perfect for students looking to learn English at home, get A-Level tuition, GCSE tuition or even Pre-University qualifications.

Residential courses are tailored to the student’s needs, how long they require tuition is entirely up to them. Residential tuition can be weekly, monthly or even a long weekend.

At Tutor House, we consider the individual and personal requirements of the student. Tutors can help with many areas of learning, from support and building confidence to working through past papers and devising model answers. We can also conduct an academic assessment.

Residential and home tuition with Tutor House

Tutors can travel with the student(s) and their families to locations around the globe, where the atmosphere is more relaxed and the student feels more comfortable in their own surroundings. Residential tuition usually last between 1-4 weeks, however, we have had tutors travel with clients for 6-12 months.

Residential tuition is:

  • Completely flexible. You choose the amount of hours, days and weeks you want.
  • You have the option of private tuition at the student’s own home. This allows the student to feel comfortable and calm, facilitating an ideal learning environment.

Finally, students have the option to take part in our summer revision course.

This is similar to our Easter and Christmas revision course, but focuses more on the transition from GCSE to AS level, and indeed from AS level to A-Level. Tutors focus on an introduction to the A-level course and help students to understand and interpret questions, based on model answers.

Find your residential tutor today

Our residential tuition courses focus mainly on Mathematics, English, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, French, Latin and Psychology. However, Tutor House also offers a range of other residential tuition subjects. Find your tutor today…

To talk to us directly about Residential Tuition or anything else, contact us on enquiries@tutorhouse.co.uk or 020 7612 8297 — we're here to help.