Home Schooling Tutors in London

Homeschooling, or home education, is becoming more and more popular as students are given more flexibility and with one-to-one support they gain valuable academic and personal skills which may not always be available to them in the classroom for both A-Level tuition and GCSE tuition.

Homeschooling is a great way to specialise in specific subject areas, to build a strong relationship with a qualified tutor, and to gain and develop exceptional study skills while boosting their confidence around all academic and personal areas.

How our homeschool programs work

We can assist home schooled children with all subjects and subsequent exams, including oral examination for languages, practical preparation for the sciences and moderation for PE, Music, Art and photography qualifications.

  • Students will gravitate towards the option of homeschooling for a number of reasons, be it expulsion, health reasons or other personal extenuating circumstances. It is becoming an increasingly popular option as students follow the national curriculum at their own pace which gives them the added flexibility they may need.
  • Some students may wish to dedicate their time to a particular hobby which they wish to take professionally such as tennis or dance in which case home tutoring is ideal! For those who wish to take a slightly unconventional path, combining their academic endeavours with relevant work experience, then homeschooling is also a preferred route to undertake.
  • It fits around a rigid timetable whilst simultaneously allowing the student to keep up with their academic studies.

More and more students are becoming creative in the way they achieve their desired academic results realising that attending a School or College may not be an ideal path for them personally. However, this does not mean that they cannot achieve everything they otherwise would have in a classroom setting.

At Tutor House, we have helped many homeschooled students realise their full potential and continue to do so by offering bespoke packages including lessons, work experience, and career advice.

Homeschool curriculum & requirements

We work with a large number of homeschooled children. Some children have left school due to bullying, some children are tutored at home because they are in between schools or have moved from abroad to the UK.

Whatever the reason Tutor House can always guide you along the way, as private tuition can cover a variety of content and syllabus material efficiently and effectively.