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“America was not built on fear. America was built on courage, on imagination and an unbeatable determination to do the job at hand.” – Harry S. Truman

From sea to shining sea, Tutor House provides the best international tutors across the Atlantic. Whether one of our international tutors nips over the pond to you in the USA, or you need a professional tutor here in the UK, Tutor House endeavours to provide a bespoke match for your needs.

We can provide tutors for all 50 USA states; from LA’s sunny Hollywood Hills, to vibrant New York City, we make sure that our tutors bring professionalism, experience and friendliness to you. Whether you need to become familiar with the UK curriculum or need a specialist in the US education system, we have more than 2,500 tutors to select from, all of which are degree-educated, DBS-checked and happy to help.

Whether you’ve just moved from the USA, are in the process of moving or are simply visiting, our international tutors are flexible. That means coming to you at home or abroad. Tutor House prides itself on working to your needs; so if you desire a residential tutor, online tutoring or someone to visit you while you’re in the UK, then we will work around your schedule and requirements.


Why Tutor House?

At Tutor House, we work closely with you to ensure that your exact requirements for an international tutor are met. All of our international tutors are degree-educated, DBS-checked and professional. We offer flexibility to suit the client’s needs, so if you require an international tutor for a whole year, a few months or even a couple of weeks, we can accommodate.

Furthermore, our team is efficient, dedicated and friendly. Tutor House will search through more than 2,500 tutors on our database to find your perfect match.


What’s the process?

We work to match the student to the right international tutor so that the pupil can achieve the most from their educational experience with us. Our team will have several initial meetings with both you and the student to ensure that we can build an educational relationship that gets results. We can arrange these meetings face-to-face, via video or telephone.

After understanding your exact requirements, our team will then offer you a range of international tutors to select from. Once you’ve picked a candidate that most suits your needs, Tutor House will then set up a one-to-one or online meeting between tutor and student, accompanied by someone from our professional team.

After this, the company will then work to make sure the transition is seamless; whether the tutor works internationally or is based with you in the UK.

Throughout this whole process, Tutor House prioritises your wants, making sure we listen and understand your requirements to make sure that your international tutor is a perfect match.



At Tutor House, satisfying our clients’ needs is our number one priority. We keep in contact with the international tutor, who will write regular reports and updates on their progress with the student. These will then be sent to Tutor House and the client to review; together, all parties will work to ensure your educational potential is achieved.

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