Why get French tuition online?

Choosing online French tuition is a useful way for students to gain a deeper understanding of the French language, whether they are studying it for GCSE, A-Level or Pre-U. Online French tuition is an extremely effective way of helping students revise, and feel confident and ready for their exams. It’s a highly popular GCSE and A-level subject, and with the oral component as part of the assessment, it makes French an easier subject to learn and be assessed in.

Choosing online French tuition means:

  Flexible: Online tutoring means that you can learn from anywhere in the world or in the comfort of your own home. Tutor House provides qualified tutors that work around your schedule.

 Affordable: By cutting the tutor’s travel expenses, online tuition is an affordable alternative to traditional face-to-face tuition. Tutor House provides the quality without the cost.


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Online French GCSE Tuition

If your child is working towards achieving or exceeding their GCSE academic capabilities, an online GCSE tutor could help. Our online tutors have a passion for the language and have all have been personally checked by us to ensure they excel at what they do. If you are looking for an online French tutor, our excellent platform is so easy to use – and we can connect you with friendly, reliable tutors right away.

Our online tutors are qualified experts all who have been personally interviewed and DBS checked by ourselves. They provide students with tailored 1:1 tuition to help them excel in their subject, prepare for exams and achieve the grades they desire come exam time. Whether you’re studying with AQA, Edexcel or CIE, our tutors are friendly, professional and happy to help all students.

Online French A-Level tuition

Our online A-Level language tutors are all experts linguists and have a degree in their subject or are native speakers themselves – they have all been met and interviewed by a member of the Tutor House team, to ensure they are as passionate about education as we are. Students studying A-Level French who require help with their A-Level revision or have a particular area of the subject they are struggling with will benefit from an online tutor. If you’re working towards a Pre-U or I.B. our tutors are comfortable and confident to teach all exam content and will work with you from orals to essay writing skills.

Our A-Level tutors will also be able to provide personalised and tailored help with your personal statement to ensure it is ready to UCAS submission. They will also be able to give handy Oxbridge and university preparation tips, to ensure you are ready for interviews, as well as exams.

Business French tuition

Learning to speak French for business and the work environment is becoming even more important. Businessmen and women are looking to learn French online, improving their knowledge of the language, while at the same time work on key words and phases that help them to communicate better in the work environment. Tutor House has a large number of highly qualified and experience tutors who can help you in your workplace, they can either travel to your office and tutor there or meet you after work at a convenient place for tuition; your own personal French tutor.

Need help learning French?

If you just want to learn the French language for your own enjoyment; then join Tutor House to study french online. Learn to speak French at a time and pace that suits you, either through online language tutorials or through a one-on-one private French tutor that can work with you to improve your linguistic knowledge and pronounciation.

We can also help improve your cultural knowledge with lessons about French culture, history and literature. Even if you’re preparing to visit France, or another cultural speaking country, for an oversees visit, we can help you prepare with key phrases and handy tips to make sure you get the most out of your experience abroad.

With more than 3,000 online tutors to choose from, we can match you with a tutor that suits your learning style and needs, and ensures you are learning at a pace that suits you. With distance learning, you can employ a tutor to learn at your convenience, wherever in the world you are situated. Moreover, with the travel costs of tutors cut and internet access widely accessible from all over the planet, online language tuition has never been more convenient and affordable.

Some topics our online tutors cover:

  • Oral preparations
  • Reading skills
  • Writing skills
  • Accent help
  • Reading suggestions
  • Exam preparation
  • Essay skills
  • Basic conversations
  • Intermediate conversations
  • Advanced conversations

“French is a language that makes people who speak it both calm and dynamic” Bernard Pivot


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