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Tutor House

‘Tutors on holiday’
New service brings the classroom to the sun-bed

London-based private tutoring agency, Tutor House ( is offering a new service to provide private tutors to accompany families on holiday in the UK or overseas and tutor children aged 11 – 18 in any GCSE and A Level subject, as well as provide Common Entrance preparation.

Available on a flexible basis, bookable by the day, Tutor House tutors offer up to 5 hours of tuition each day, combined with childcare, and tutors will travel with the family, or can fly in for a specific period, to provide the extra academic input.

The service works equally well for families taking a villa holiday, a ski holiday or staying in a hotel, and it gives families the potential to travel any time of the year, reducing the stress of taking children out of school during term time.

Director of Tutor House and professional tutor, Alex Dyer said; ‘By offering this new service, families can now go on holiday out of season, or during term time, without having to worry that their children will fall behind at school.’

Alex goes on to say; ‘Families can also optimise key revision periods, such as Easter and Christmas holidays, by providing all the revision and educational support needed to achieve exam success without missing out on family holidays.’

Tutor House employs the services of over 500 specialist tutors, offering a variety of disciplines, from PE to Physics, tennis to IT, with specific tuition offered to international and UK students for Common Entrance and senior school examinations, GCSE, iGCSE and A levels.