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Currently I am a Research Associate within the Cancer Genetics group at Kings College London where I monitor the levels of disease within patients that have been diagnosed with leukaemia.

My educational background has spanned across two continents, where, in Southern California, I completed my BSc in Biochemistry and Cell Biology from the University of California, San Diego. I then went on to complete my MSc degree in Clinical Biochemistry from Middlesex University in North London. Since graduating with my MSc, I became officially qualified as a Clinical Scientist by a UK national body (HCPC) that has been great in allowing me to progress further in my professional development.

I have always had a genuine passion for Science, in particular Biology and Anatomy. The concept that Science is never set in stone and constantly evolving makes me love the subject even more so. For this reason, my strengths have always been in the Sciences, where I am confidently able to tutor Biology and Anatomy up to A-Levels and Chemistry up to GCSE level.

I have approximately 2.5 years worth of tutoring experience with another London agency. Most of my tutoring roles have been with me traveling to the clients home and tutoring the client for a few hours per week, especially when approaching examinations. I also have had experience working with clients that have learning difficulties, such as Aspergers, autism and dyslexia. In cases such as these, I try to utilise interactive and fun methods of teaching, which include but are not limited to analogies, flash cards, and colours. Furthermore, my international educational background has allowed me to become very familiar with both the U.S. educational system (SATs, GPAs) as well as the UK educational system.

In my spare time I love to travel the world. I am currently attempting to conquer all Seven Wonders of the World. So far I have been to five (three more to go)! Aside from traveling, I love to read, garden and eat my way around London. I am also self teaching myself Italian. Why? Just another challenge to myself aside from keeping my brain active!

Thank you for taking the time to read my bio, hope to hear from you soon!


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University of California, San Diego
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Amanda A
£40 per hour