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Biology with Aurelija I


I am currently studying Biochemistry at University of Oxford having finished schooling at North London Collegiate School where I gained 45/45 in the International Baccalaureate (IB) programme. I have had previous experience tutoring IB biology, chemistry, English, maths and economics as well as GCSE French, English, maths, biology and chemistry. I believe in altering my teaching style according to the student and have had experience in tutoring a variety of different academic abilities and ages. I am extremely organised and am happy to go above and beyond in regards to preparation and gathering resources to help the student. My experience in tutoring for IB and GCSE means that I am good at ensuring that all parts of the syllabus are covered and that the student is well informed of what’s expected in the exam. One of my IB students was recently admitted to Tufts University in Massachusetts while other students that I am currently tutoring for SAT are currently applying for numerous highly ranked American Universities.

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North London Collegiate School
IB (HL Biology, Chemistry, French and SL Economics, Maths, English (45/45)
University of Oxford

International Baccalaureate (I.B) subjects

Biology, Chemistry, Economics, English Language, English Literature, Extended Essay, French, Maths, Statistics