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Evgenia has a wonderful way of getting my daughter to connect with biology & chem. And her marks have improved


Always on point


Biology with Evgenia M


A knowledgeable, positive, and patient PhD student and teaching assistant who beams enthusiasm for science. I am currently working towards a PhD in Biochemistry at UCL and Birkbeck University where I use different levels of microscopy to elucidate the inner life of the cell. As a teaching assistant/scientific demonstrator in Birkbeck, I help students grasp complex concepts and remember details through visualisation and examples. I was previously at the University of York, where I obtained a BSc Genetics. I worked in biotechnology for a year where I helped design medication for challenging diseases, gaining practical experience and fresh perspectives.

I am passionate about conveying the beauty of science to students, and I utilise a thorough, thoughtful, and intuitive approach. As a speaker manager of TEDx GoodenoughCollege 2017 and an assistant curator of TEDx UniversityofYork 2016, I know how to communicate ideas.

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American College of Sofia
American and Bulgarian High School Diplomas
University of York
BSc Genetics (with a year in industry)
Sofia High School of Mathematics
Mathematics and Informatics

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Chemistry, Biology