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Enthusiastic Biology/Human Biology Tutor

I hold a PhD degree in Biology. I have about 40 years Teaching Experience of Biology to the Medical, Pharmacy and Biology students. I also acted as Private Biology/Human Biology Tutor for GCSE, A-Level and IB student for about 10 years in UK. Now I restarted Biology as Private Tutor from August 2017, after getting retirement from Saudi Arabia as Professor of Physiology.
I have all notes of A-level Biology for AQA and OCR boards. Last year 5 students got A-Grades and One student got B grade.

For Degree level students I have all lecture notes for Human Physiology, Biochemistry, Cell Biology & Histology and can teach other aspects of Biomedical sciences, like Genetic, Nutrition, General Pharmacology and General Biology as well.

For 1-1 I ask questions from the students and they analyse their answers. If any Mistake and additional explanation is need, I explain them. Similarly when bring Past-Papers, I prefer that students should solve them by themselves, if any mistake especially the "The Required Technical Wordings" I explain them and advised them to use these words.

In class I try to ask questions and wait for the replies of the students and give them Important Notes, especially with Important Technical or scientific words that are mandatory to get marks from the examiners.

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Middle East Technical University
PhD in Biology (Physiology & Biochemistry)

International Baccalaureate (I.B) subjects

Urdu, Biology

Masood-Ul-Hassan J
£30 per hour