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EFL (English as a Foreign Language) with Lucy M


I formally started teaching at age 17, when I began tutoring after school for children with English as an additional language. Over the ensuing 13 years I have taught individual classes, small groups, and classes of over 30; in homes, in tuition centres, at a refugee camp, and at a university, Al Quds College, in Amman, Jordan.

In 2013 I gained a Trinity Cert TESOL qualification. Since then I have taught academic and creative writing at university level, as well as English literature up to GCSE, functional skills English, and both Verbal and Non-Verbal reasoning.

From April 2016 until January 2018 I taught full time at a tuition centre which caters from children and adults with a diverse range of needs and goals. During this time, I specialized in teaching English from Key Stage 2 up to GCSE. I also focused on teaching Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning for 11+ preparation, and ESOL for both children and adults. I also took on a lead role in creating new teaching and learning resources and materials for the centre.

Through Premier Learning I worked with a charity called VSE, which helps young people who have been excluded from school. I was very successful in getting through to these challenging students, and helping them to engage with their studies and achieve significant academic progress.

I have a particular love of teaching Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning. Helping a young person to see shapes in a different way, or to figure out techniques for solving coding problems is immensely satisfying, particularly when they are then able to confidently work through these problems on their own. In the last two years the majority of my students were accepted to their chosen schools - including one young man, from a refugee background, who is now attending Dulwich College on a full scholarship.

My greatest expertise is in the teaching of grammar and vocabulary. At the tuition centre I was instrumental in preparing students for Key Stage 2 SATS. I have found that within schools, many teachers have a shaky foundation with which to teach the new SPaG syllabus, so very few of my students, for example, have been taught the difference between the Passive and Active voices in an accessible and memorable way. I have a great love for the workings of language and find it incredibly enjoyable to be able to pass that on to the people I work with.

I also worked to improve the literacy levels of children who were new to this country, or had SEN needs or behavioural difficulties. I found it indescribably rewarding to help a young person overcome these barriers and engage with education.

I am 30 years old and have been teaching for 13 years. I have two great passions: language, and sharing knowledge. I really love to learn new facts and concepts, or to explore new ideas, and then to discuss and share them with others. I also love the nuts and bolts of how language works, where it comes from, and how we use it.

I really enjoy reading, and have very diverse and varied taste in books. I am interested in current affairs and culture, and I love quizzes and trivia games.

I grew up overseas, as the child of a diplomat so I have had some very interesting experiences. I now live in Brixton with my sister, her boyfriend, and our cat, Leo. I rollerblade and I have a moped.

I have a BA in English Language and Literature and am currently studying for a Masters in English Language and Linguistics.

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