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I am a multilinguist with considerable experience in teaching languages to a diverse range of students.

I am extremely passionate about my subject and committed to understanding and engaging with each new student's learning needs. I tailor my individual teaching programmes to ensure each student is able to develop and move confidently towards their goal, whether it be academic or personal.

I choose to work with students who are committed to working towards their goal - they don't have to love the subject to begin with, they just have to want to improve, the love comes later, often when they discover how simple it can be and they start to see improvements in their ability and understanding!

I have a 100% success rate in terms of my students improving their grades.

Among my previous students are Yas, a Spanish GCSE student who went from a predicted D to receiving an A* overall in 14 months, Roderick, who with no prior teaching since his French GCSE 16 months before we began, received an A* at French A Level after 7 months of home-schooling with me and Kendall, a French IB student who went from grade 3/4 to achieving a final grade 6/7 in 20 months - she called me up in Guatemala on results day so I knew it must be good news!

An article I wrote for The Telegraph on GCSE Modern Foreign Language revision:


"James tutored both my daughters for GCSE Spanish and they both received A*. This was particularly impressive with my eldest daughter who was on a Grade D at the end of Year 10. James accelerated Yasmin's learning rapidly over 6 months in Year 11, and changed her attitude towards Spanish from a boring difficult subject to her favourite! Aside from his in-depth understanding of the curriculum and effective teaching techniques, James is a lovely person with a great sense of humour, and the girls really enjoyed his company. We'd highly recommend James to anyone wanting to improve their grades and language skills."
Zaya F - Spanish GCSE

"James was simply brilliant in giving my son confidence in his ability to learn languages, which ultimately led to GCSE success. He possesses a magical ability to build self-esteem. Invaluable. Fabulous. Very highly recommended."
Donna G – French & Spanish IGCSE

"James tutored me in French for just over a year for the international baccalaureate. Marked out of 7, I originally achieved 3-4s in all my examinations. James helped with reading, writing and oral presentations. He helped me to increase my confidence in speaking and also taught me invaluable techniques for verb conjugations. In the end I was able to achieve a 6/7 in my final IB results. Thank you James !"
Kendall U - French International Baccalaureate

"James was instrumental in getting my son to an A* for his Spanish A Level this year. Over a period of 8 months James worked to improve Omar’s original predicted grade of B, focussing on some core grammar which had been missed by the school and developing his reading, writing and oral skills. James often made himself available at short notice to review and offer feedback on Omar’s practice essays for the literature part of the course. We are delighted with the result and with the high level of professional service that James provides. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend."
Mehta F - Spanish A Level

“My daughter Chloe was struggling with Spanish during year 11, she failed her mock and was really worried. We found James and he worked steadily with her for the three months leading up to her GCSE. I’m delighted to say she achieved a 6(B)!! Incredible...a fail to a B in only 25 hours tutoring! Thank you James, she couldn’t have done it without you!”
Beth W – Spanish GCSE

James tutored my daughter for just over a year at French Pre-U. Our aim was to secure a comfortable distinction. James knew the syllabus inside out and ensured no stone had been left unturned in her knowledge and exam technique. We were delighted but not too surprised when the final result came back a D1. We’re thrilled with James, his approach and the care he brings to each session. Such a star.
Mikael J – Cambridge Pre U French

"James is an amazing teacher. He got my daughter to a B in French GCSE from a predicted D, and my son to a B in Spanish GCSE from a predicted E. This helped my daughter to get to UCL and put the Russell Group within my son's reach. His teaching style is unique. Within minutes of arrival, he had won the respect of both my teenagers. He made himself available at weekends and in the evenings both in person and over Skype. I am so grateful for his help. I highly recommend him."
Rachel G - French & Spanish GCSE

"James is an outstanding teacher - he taught my son to find his own motivation & the confidence he needed to excel in Spanish. He brings the language to life and creates a self sufficiency in study habits that was wonderful to observe - the GCSE process was made palatable and non daunting ! I would wholly recommend him to anyone looking for a tutor that cares about the child in the most holistic sense and leaves them with the skills to tackle languages independently post their time with him - he was an absolute star !"
Shaleen Y - Spanish IGCSE

"James is one of the best tutors I have ever met. He is clearly passionate about teaching and has such an engaging and enthusiastic manner. Anyone who is lucky enough to come across James has found a true gem. I cannot recommend him highly enough."
Helen S - Spanish GCSE

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James S
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