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I have a PhD in English Literature and Psychology, and my book is due to come out in May 2019 with Routledge. My PhD was about two psychosomatic syndromes (phantom limbs and BIID), and the ways in which they can be discussed in relation to literature, psychology, theory, and film.

I have taught 3 courses to undergraduates at Goldsmiths University in the English Department. I have also taught psychoanalysis and film to adults, I teach level 4 and 5 students through The Brilliant Club in London, and I taught at a nursery school for 3 years in San Diego, California. I have been teaching since 2005.

I have tutored students of all ages for 7 years and love it! Last year, I was able to help one MA student, who was failing, to receive a high merit. We had a great relationship, and soon discovered that although she was very interested in the subject, she did not know how to identify the most significant points when reading, and turn them into academic expression. She eventually learned how to structure essays and individual sentences. By the end of her course, it came as second nature. I additionally tutored her daughter in GCSE English, whose mark I helped her to raise significantly. Her daughter's biggest issues were grammar and essay structure, and she caught on very quickly and improved drastically .

I care about my students very much and want them to do the best they can, and to also enjoy the learning process. Although I promote good marks and my students receive positive results, their enjoyment and interest is the top priority.

Outside of tutoring, I write creatively, I'm a film buff, I love travelling (I'm from the USA) and I go to yoga whenever possible!

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Monika L
£30 per hour