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Kate C

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£20 / hour
1 year

As well as achieving a First in my degree, I have been a Teaching Assistant in schools across three countries, during volunteering placements throughout school and university. Having juggled a job, and assignments and performing in extra-curricular theatre throughout university, I am no stranger to multitasking. I do a lot of acting in my spare time, so I would definitely bring a high-energy, imaginative approach to my lessons. Using English Literature as an example, I would tailor this style to specific texts from the GCSE/A Level syllabus and the different readings these can evoke in an essay format. I suffered from undiagnosed dyspraxia for much of school, so I would relish the opportunity to use my creative outlook with young people who need extra help.

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Terry B

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£50 / hour
40 years

I earned my PhD in Classics many years ago, but all the while I have been teaching the subject I have continued to pursue it as a student. I have a great love of the classics. I've previously been the head of the Classics department at Queen's Gate School where I taught all Classical subjects -- Latin, Ancient Greek Ancient History and Classical Civilisation -- at all levels. I also helped students prepare for the Common Entrance examinations in Latin and Ancient Greek. I have tutored students individually over many years, including online in many different subjects including English, History and Philosophy. I walk my dog twice a day and have a keen interest in the sport of horse racing. Whether it's improving your grades or getting the most out of your studies, I'd love to help!

Leon C

£80 / hour
25 years

People tell me I come over as a friendly, intelligent, supportive tutor who helps students fulfil their potential. I have nearly 30 years' experience tutoring and teaching learners of all ages, from kindergarten to adult education; in sixth form colleges and on graduate courses, in state, private and home schooling environments. Unlike many recent graduates who take up tutoring, I don't do it as a stopgap to pay off a student loan. For me, it is a passion. I love what I do - and bring a wealth of experience and creative strategies to the learning environment. My approach is based on an integrated approach to the liberal arts, particularly the Trivium of Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric. I firmly believe in a sound foundation of logic, grammar and rhetoric as the basis for a disciplined approach to developing understanding, wisdom and enlightenment. And I encourage learning through the nurturing of natural inquisitiveness, confidence building, developing an eagerness for discovery. I take a holistic approach to dealing with students who appear unmotivated to learn, or have been put off learning by uninspiring teachers. I have several teaching qualifications, but the main core of my teaching is my integrated liberal arts approach. I am a parent as well as an educationalist and understand the frustrations parents sometimes have with an increasingly regimented schooling system, as well as the challenges that teachers face within that system. I aim to provide practical solutions that empower children to cope with learning both within and without the school environment. My approach is rooted in sound educational practice, has grown through a wealth of experience and is nurtured with a good dose of common sense. It is organic and constantly evolving. My key specialist subjects are English which I cover to degree level and Reasoning, based on Classical Logic. I also cover Maths up to GCSE level, and have also tutored students at KS2 and KS3 levels in Essay-based subjects such as History, Geography, and Social Studies and provided revision support for students across subjects for Common Entrance. I have built a reputation for helping students achieve offers from top schools such as Eton, Westminster, Winchester, and others.

Thomas B

£40 / hour
20 years

Hello, My name is Thomas and I am a London based private tutor, drama teacher and actor. I am a teacher at The Guildford School of Acting and Mountview Academy of Performing Arts. I also sit on the admission panel for the post graduate program at The Guildford School of Acting. I have experience tutoring children of varied ages and academic abilities in English, Drama, Media Studies and a range of other subjects up to and including GCSE, as well 11+ topics and exam preparation. I specialise in tutoring drama, LAMDA examinations and coaching for drama school auditions. Utilising my 20+ years of experience working as a professional actor in the UK and Australia, across stage and screen I am able to give detailed insight into performance technique and help build confidence in body and voice. Having completed my undergraduate degree (first class) in Communications at The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia, I worked in the media industry alongside my acting career for many years, before moving to the UK where I completed a Masters of Art (Acting) with first class honours. I am passionate about developing a students love of learning. My approach to tutoring is one of developing a strong working relationship with the student, built on respect and compassion. Through my enthusiastic and honest approach, I have been able to kindle student's desire to take responsibility for their own learning and increase their overall enjoyment of learning. Thank you for reading my bio, and If you have any questions or enquiries please feel free to contact me. I like to provide, practical and empowering learning to students, that enables them to fulfil their talent and achieve tremendous results whatever their goal. Thank you and I look forward to working with you, Kind regards, Thomas

Sylvia H

£40 / hour
10 years

Sylvia specialises in tutoring English at all levels including AS level and English as a second language. She provides 11+ and 13+ tuition. She encourages an appreciation and love of the language in keeping with her own ethos and is a keen advocate of reading for pleasure. It is this, plus the technicalities of grammar which gives the pupil a command of the language and which translates into success. She has tutored on a part-time basis since 2007. Having retired, she is keen to increase her hours.

Edward B

£50 / hour
8 years

From 2009-2014 I worked at various well known English Language schools in London. For the past 3 years I have worked as a lecturer and most recently as the Assistant Dean of Glion Institute of Higher Education. I have a wealth of experience in one to one and premium education services. I have taught one to one Business English courses for executives, VPs, and CEOs as well as hopeful university students looking to obtain their required IELTS score. I have experience teaching CAE, FCE, CPE, and IELTS courses on a one to one, as well as classroom basis. Most recently I have lectured in Critical Reading and Writing, English for Academic Purposes, Professional Development and Academic Skills, Personal Development and Planning, and Introduction to Business. As one of my main responsibilities at Glion, I managed and ran the Academic Workshops for the BA, MSc, and MBA students. II was also the personal and group tutor for over 200 BA and MBA students.

Robyn L

£50 / hour
7 years

I began tutoring in my 4th year of my undergraduate university studies. I worked with Year 4 and Year 5 students, tutoring them in French and English. I later began tutoring English (primarily reading skills) to a student in Year 2 and French (reading and writing) to a student in Year 4 until both showed exceptional progress. I've also worked with many students in Years 7-10 as a French and English tutor and tutored fellow classmates in French (language and literature) at the university level during my studies. On the performing arts side of things, I've worked with many children in Drama camps, worked in collaborative creation with other actors, worked as an actor myself, and worked as a director which involved coaching and directing actors. I began filmmaking 5 years ago and have experience as a script supervisor, script consultant, production assistant, production manager, actor, writer, director and producer.

Luke P

£40 / hour
3 years

Skilled and experienced tutor

Robbie N

£40 / hour
3 years

I am a fully qualified, experienced English teacher, graduating from the Oxford International school in 2014. I have a track record of providing high quality tuition in English at GCSE, A-Level and as a foreign language. I have a first class degree in Writing, Directing and Performance from the University of York. I am hard working, an excellent communicator and passionate about English. In my years of tutoring, I have had consistently excellent feedback and regularly helped students exceed their targets. I hold a Level 5 Certificate from Trinity College London in teaching English as a second language. During the course, I taught classes of varying abilities. I taught one to one and in larger groups, all to a high standard. I have been teaching since finishing my degree to students from a variety of backgrounds and nationalities. My degree has given me the vital skill of communicating in an entertaining and informative way. During my degree I have run assessed workshops and seminars for different age groups and abilities.

Katerina P

£50 / hour
2 years

Private Tutoring; I am currently a private tutor in English to primary school children at Key Stage 2. From 2010-12 I also tutored GCSE and A-Level students in History, English, English Literature and History of Art. Teaching at University Level: In Autumn Term 2015, I planned and taught a course titled Sensory Encounters With Dress and Textiles to first-year undergraduates at the Courtauld Institute of Art. In the Autumn Terms of 2013 and 2014 I also taught an MA-level Core Methodology for History of Art course at the Courtauld Institute of Art.