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My name is Ayoade, and I am a programme delivery manager with the National Citizen Service. I have a wealth of tutoring experience starting as an IB student at boarding school, spanning throughout my university years at King’s College London and beyond.

I began tutoring as an IB student during sixth-form, where I assisted after-school homework sessions with the younger boarders, aged between 11 and 13. It was here I developed an interest in sharing knowledge with others, and maximising results for individuals who may otherwise struggle to convert their study techniques into desired grades. I also found that assisting my fellow students with translating their ideas into well-structured essays helped me develop my own understanding of my subjects, and I was able to achieve 36 points.

I went on to study International Politics at King’s College London, and formally tutored IB History, IB English, and Research methods and Essay-writing at university level from my 2nd year. I tutored 6 university students studying subjects ranging from Social Policy to Business Management, all of whom achieved 2:1 or 1st class grades in their essays. I graduated with a 1st Class, and I believe that the responsibility of creating value for other students was a significant source of motivation in staying on top of my studies and inspired by the course content.

Last year, I moved to Lagos, Nigeria for a year of National Youth Service, during which I worked as an associate consultant for a marketing and strategy consulting firm. Even though this was a full-time job, I tutored IGCSE English as a first language, for preparation to sit entrance examinations for UK boarding schools and both students passed all entrance exams. I also tutored 4 university students in research methods, again ensuring at least a 2:1 grade in dissertations.

I am a smart, driven, and enthusiastic person passionate about creating value for students and clients, and I enjoy the challenge of mastering any material I am faced with in order to deliver that information in the best way possible. Over the years, I have developed the ability to adjust communication styles, listen effectively, and respect individual paces and learning styles to suit subjects. My experience as an associate consultant also sharpened my ability to deliver tangible results at pace, and think creatively to deliver the best solution.

I would like to continue to challenge myself to help students of varying ages and backgrounds to realise their potential through dynamic learning techniques and high energy. This in turn, will prepare me for an eventual career in education consulting and policy development for education at a macro-level.

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King's College London
1st Class Hons, BA International Politics
Dallam School
International Baccalaureate, 36 Points

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English Language, English Literature, Business Management, History

Ayoade B
£50 per hour