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I was educated at Oxford University and the Royal Academy of Music in London. At Secondary School I specialized in Science and Maths and have 2 A*s and an A at A-level as well as 10A*s at GCSE.

I have 10 years of academic tutoring experience in Maths, Science, English, History and Music from Primary through to GCSE including Common Entrance. I have worked as a mentor giving career advice to 15-18 year olds as well as providing Oxbridge interview preparation. In addition I have tutored Music A-level, helped with degree-level assignments, and have taught cello and piano for over 10 years both privately and in schools.

I have several years experience in working with autistic and disabled children as a charity worker with Cambridge Joint Play Schemes, as well as from tutoring private clients. I am also a fully qualified Functional Movement Specialist (health and fitness).

As a tutor I am flexible in my approach towards each student. Depending on their learning style and strengths and weaknesses in each subject area, I employ a variety of methods to facilitate learning, memorization and a critical thinking approach.

I regularly give students opportunities to summarize what they have learnt and test their understanding and memorization of information, in order to foster deeper learning and memorization.

I believe strongly that a positive, encouraging and supportive tutoring approach is critical to a students success and also like to make some time to get to know each student and chat generally about their interests.

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French A*
Oxford University
BA Music
Royal Academy of Music
MA Musical Performance
Biology A*
Chemistry A
Music A*
Maths A
Further Maths A
Maths A*
English literature A*
History A*
Physics A*
Latin A*
Art A*
Chemistry A*

Primary Level subjects

English Language, English Literature, French, Chemistry, 11+ and 13+ Common Entrance, Autism, Biology, Maths, 7+ and 8+ Entrance Exam Prep, Art