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I have taken a wide range of A-Levels, completed an undergraduate degree at Oxford, and a Masters at RADA and Birkbeck. I have spent a lot of time in demanding educational institutions, and have succeeded thanks to the support of my parents which ultimately led to me taking responsibility for my own learning. I cover English and Maths up to GCSE, and have taught a number of children, preparing them for the 11+ and the 13+.

Over my educational career, I have developed a number of techniques and approaches to learning which have helped me greatly. These hints and tips are ones that I happily share with my students in the hope that they may benefit - this does sometimes require some independent tweaking on the student's part as not everyone learns in the same manner.

My mother is a teacher, and I have enjoyed taking opportunities to volunteer in the primary school in which she worked whenever possible. I began doing this in my early- to mid-teens, satisfying an early urge to share knowledge and help others progress.

I believe that education is about people first and content second. I feel that a positive tutor-student relationship is absolutely essential to a constructive learning environment, and have found that my calm, good-humoured nature gels with students who are serious about their studies but also recognise the importance of enjoying studying. It is in finding the right balance of focus and relaxation in the room when working that encourages progress - it is in a relaxed atmosphere that a student feels comfortable asking questions, getting things wrong, or talking around the subject, and paves the way for a more natural progression into focused work.

I'm pursuing a career in theatre whilst working part-time as a tutor. I write, direct, and perform, and I think I bring some of the playfulness of my craft to my teaching. I have found the right balance of work and play with great success during my own academic career and hope I can help others to find it for themselves too.

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RADA and Birkbeck
MA in Text and Performance
University of Oxford
BA in Law with French Law

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Theatre Studies, GCSE Homework Support, English Language, English Literature, Drama, Law, Maths