Ashish P
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Maths with Ashish P

Creative, fun and passionate Maths Tutor

My experience:
I have been a Teaching Assistant for 2 years at a secondary school. I work with all students from those who need to have an extra challenge to students who struggle to understand the basics of maths. I have built up my patience, resilience and rapport building skills with students. I have improved student’s confidence and independence with maths and found it a rewarding experience.

My teaching style:
I teach maths from the heart. I love to creatively teach every maths topic. Also, I enjoy applying maths to real-life situations. I start by teaching topics in a methodological way, but also explain the reasoning behind each step of working out. Once the basic understanding of the topic is secure, I introduce word problems and my emphasis is always of the process of thought rather than the final answer.

My background/hobbies:
I have BSc in Maths and Economics from LSE ( London School of Economics) and I absolutely love doing Origami!


London School of Economics (LSE)
BSc Maths and Economics

GCSE & iGCSE subjects


Ashish P
£40 per hour