Michael O
£50 per hour

Maths with Michael O

Experienced Maths and Stats tutor

A highly experienced Maths A-level tutor, covering GCSE, A-level, I.B and Pre-U exams. I am a Maths Graduate with First Class Honours and I feel that it's my purpose to help other students achieve excellence.

The courses I cover:
- Common entrance exams, 11+
-Key stage 1 -3 Maths
-GCSE, iGCSE Maths
-IB Maths
-Pre-U Maths
-A LEVEL Maths (all modules)
-Further Maths (all modules)
- University level

*** I teach all associated boards***

Whether you need help with concepts that just don't click or you would like a crash course leading up to your exams, we have the same goals. I am here to understand your needs and work with you to achieve the results that YOU want.

I'm an extremely motivated individual and my ambition for success has been recognised by Financial Times and TV talk shows.

I take it upon myself to motivate students for success.

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University of Aberdeen
BSc honours Mathematics (First Class)
Cardinal Wiseman
A level Maths (A)

GCSE & iGCSE subjects

Maths, Statistics

Michael O
£50 per hour