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I have spent the last 3 years working as a teacher at various schools in London and in Colombia where I lived for 2 years. I am most qualified to teach English as a foreign language which is what I taught in Colombia but I am also very keen to teach more of the Spanish that I learned in the last 2 years which I am confident doing up to A-level.
From the age of 16 I began to tutor GCSE maths and physics to students in my local area and since then I have never ceased to both enjoy and find tutoring immensely rewarding.

I have experience teaching private tutor groups of up to three, one to one as well as whole class groups at school. I have taught ages from as young as 3 years old to all adult ages. Mathematics is the subject that I have tutored the most over the years as I taught it throughout my studies at university. It is also a subject that I greatly enjoy teaching as it is easy to see the results of my students progress. During 2018 I worked tutoring English online or 2 different international companies, which worked more or less in a Skype format with various other well thought out interactive functions alongside this. Regularly conversing with people from all corners of the globe has been both fascinating and challenging and has expanded my world view.

Above all I am just a friendly, fun young man who loves working in a professional world where I constantly get to meet, converse and learn from new people. While I'm very dedicated and hard-working when it comes to my students it is of the upmost importance to me to create a fun and relaxed working environment where we can always have a laugh together. I love being able to put across all the aspects of my personality in my teaching style which is one of the reasons tutoring is such s pleasure for me. Future students - I look forward to meeting you!

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Langley Park Boys School
Langley Park Boys School
Langley Park Boys School
Langley Park Boys School
International Language House London, Covent Garden
Cambridge English Language Teaching Qualification (the most reputable qualification that exists for English foreign language teaching)
Nottingham Trent University
1st Class Honors in Politics and International Relations (a dual honors bachelors degree)

GCSE & iGCSE subjects

Science GCSE (Triple/Double Award), Geography, Physics, Government and Politics, Biology, Maths, History, Philosophy, Spanish

Sean P
£30 per hour