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Excellent tutor. Punctual, on top of his subjects, and genuinely interested in sharing his knowledge. Wish him all the very best in his career.

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Maths with Mayowa J


Having garnered several tutoring and mentoring experience working with people of various ages ranging from young ones to adults (KS1, KS2, KS3, High School, College and University students) both in Nigeria and United Kingdom (UK) for 10 years now, I am passionate about helping people especially the young ones realize the connection between academic concepts being taught and the practical day to day applications of those concepts to living and their current or future careers. For me, this is the first thing to put in place in helping to improve academic performance of students as this will arouse the interest of the students greatly and will help build confidence and courage in students over time which are essential in effective tutoring and mentoring.

Between 2014 and now, I worked with private tutoring organisations in London, providing one-on-one private tuition to clients at their homes and one-to-a few tuition on Saturdays respectively. I took Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics and Statistics modules from KS1 up to A-Levels stages, English Language for KS1 through KS3 and Chemistry at GCSE level. A typical example of tutoring I carried out for Ivy Education Ltd. is in assisting an A-Level student (Naomi) with S1 Statistics module in April, 2017 in preparation for her OCR examination which she did in May 2017. Her mum initially requested for the session to run for two days. An initial Individual Education Plan (IEP) was drafted in consultation with her and her mum before starting the tutoring. At the end of the first day, she achieved her targets and was glad. Upon consultation with Ivy League Education, they indicated the session for the second day will no longer be needed.

Naomi and her mum were extremely satisfied and wrote these testimonials: “Naomi has learnt a lot from the session and she understands things much better, which was her aim. Mayowa is a fantastic tutor!”

Between January 2017 and now, I volunteered with three organizations (Westminster Libraries (Maida Vale Library), Fitzrovia Youth in Action (FYA) and Action Tutoring)), providing homework support for KS2 students in Mathematics, English Language and Researching on the internet, in preparing students of Westminster Kings College London for Edexcel’s A-Level (C, S and M Mathematics modules and Physics modules) and in preparing students of Quintin Kynaston Academy in London for 2017 GCSE Mathematics (Edexcel) respectively.

I had the opportunity of also guiding a student on choosing an appropriate course to study in the university considering her interest, strength, weakness and the subject modules she was taking at A-Levels. The weekly positive feedbacks of performance improvement and comments from schools were a thing of joy and satisfaction for me for the time and efforts put into those volunteering. University College London (UCL) gave me Volunteer Certificates in recognition of these in June 2017 and is also set to give a Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) for volunteering for about 100 hours in an academic year. All these volunteering roles were focussed on tutoring, career development and young people because those are my passions.

In 2015, I prepared a student of Skinners’ Academy, London (son of my house owner) for 2015 GCSE Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English Language, Biology with outstanding performance and result that afforded him to progress to college afterwards. I started with him by reviewing his school progress and performance reports and his school work and together with him set IEP objectives for his learning based on his desired grades for the GCSE. This was followed by intensive tutoring and by also serving as a role model to motivate him for studying as I do study for my Master’s programme also. Regular assessments were conducted to assess his improvement. Previously taught concepts were reviewed and re-assessed regularly. Assessments were developed in order of difficulties and level of involvement and knowledge required from him starting with partially solved questions requiring few terms to be supplied to questions requiring complete input from him.

Assessments on the computer were also employed as he loved using the computer to play games to harness the use of the computer and internet positively for the improvement of his performance.

Between 2007 and 2013, I was actively involved in teaching, tutoring and mentoring students in Nigeria. I had prepared secondary school students for various university’s admission examinations, national and international competitions with numerous positive results and achievements. I was recognized and awarded a certificate by the National Mathematical Centre (in Nigeria) in 2013 for training and presenting students for National Olympiad Competitions in Mathematics, Informatics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics with outstanding national performance and medals won for the students and the school. I also conducted tutorials for undergraduate students and colleagues for various mathematics, statistics and engineering courses.

At university level, I am currently a Postgraduate Teaching Assistant with University College London (UCL) and have conducted laboratory demonstrations for undergraduate students and is currently supervising an undergraduate student in his final year project together with my supervisor. I have had opportunity of attending UCL’s teaching and assignment assessment (manual and online) trainings to enhance effective teaching, assessment and communication of feedbacks of assessment to students for enhancing their improvement later. I had also marked undergraduate examinations within UCL.

I am currently a PhD researcher in Mechanical Engineering on Lightweight materials which is focussed on reducing the weight and cost of structures without compromising their safety and performance. Earlier, I did an MSc in General Structural Engineering between 2014 and 2015 and Imperial College London and an undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering between 2006 and 2011 in Nigeria. From my primary school to date, I have won numerous academic and non-academic awards and scholarships.

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Reviews (4)

Very prepared and helpful


Excellent tutor. Punctual, on top of his subjects, and genuinely interested in sharing his knowledge. Wish him all the very best in his career.



Imperial College London
MSc General Structural Engineering
University College London
PhD Mechanical Engineering (in view)
Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Nigeria
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