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I have a total of 9 years' experience working in schools in the UK and China. Six of those years were as a qualified teacher and the last two as a Head of Science in an international boarding school. I have a degree in Biochemistry from King's College London, my teaching qualification is from the world-leading UCL Institute of Education and I am a native speaker of Greek having lived there as a child and finally achieved an A level in Modern Greek in 2006.

Throughout my time in education I have utilised a friendly demeanour and patience to understand the individual needs of my students. On a one to one basis I am passionate about getting my students to the next step and helping them pave the way to the future they aspire to.

In Biology and Chemistry I believe in stimulating students' imaginations through problem based learning and fascinating real-life examples. If you find that science at school is too zoomed in, has too much detail too soon and you just feel like every lesson makes you more and more confused you will love my "What's The Big Idea?" technique which will bring the overarching principles in view for you in just a couple of hours, so that all the details then just click into place! Maybe there is that one topic you just don't get and you're worried it will come up in the exam? I can help whether you want to get back to basics or get seriously advanced, because not only is there no such thing as a stupid question, but the best ones don't have perfect answers!

Ultimately, my approach supports students to explain and unify concepts in their own words whilst experimenting and pushing the idea further with imaginative "what if" discussions. The result is not superficial and disjointed learning, but a deep mastery of a subject and its relevance to the real world - exactly what top universities are looking for.

With extensive experience as a UCAS sponsor, I can proudly boast a 100% success rate when it comes to my applicants securing a place. Furthermore, I have received the official training from UCAS on competitive admissions (Oxford & Cambridge, Medicine and Law).

All of these techniques helped me achieve grade 1 outstanding OFSTED lesson observations twice while I was a teacher in London. Having spent two and a half years teaching in China, I have plenty of experience working with ESL students. In particular, I make use of the Cambridge CLIL method. As a part time graduate student at UCL I have an ongoing interest in academic writing as well as a wealth of experience from past degrees, having achieved a published article in a peer-reviewed journal.

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King's College London
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Anthony T
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