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Hi, I am a Pharmacist, who is also a passionate and experienced teacher. I have selected Maths, Biology and Chemistry as my chosen subjects because I find they all interlink, and are very interesting. I am confident I can help students improve in their work, and I do this by getting a feel for what they know, identifying their strengths and weakness, and then tailoring my lessons on where we feel improvement and better understanding is needed. We work on exam questions during lessons so students are better prepared towards their exams and can answer them in confidence.

Once we have decided which topic our focus is on, I prepare for the lessons by gathering all the relevant and most important information together. I look at if it interlinks with any other subject they are currently learning to help make it more mentally challenging. My main aim is to improve the students confidence in answering exam questions, and I achieve this by being interactive in my teaching style

I have tutored in home schools to a group of students and individually within a period of 5 years. I have helped students confidence grow and help achieve their goals.

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Jas M
£30 per hour