Eva R
£30 per hour

Spanish with Eva R

enthusiastic, friendly spanish teacher

I am full time qualified Spanish teacher with more than 10 years of experience in nursery, preschool, primary, secondary schools and giving private Spanish lessons in the UK to English people of different ages including children's from 1 to 6 year and adults more than 4 years.

I studied primary education, english primary education and child psychology in the spanish university UCM (Madrid).

I am motivational and with many skills in psycho-pedagogy.
I am highly qualified in field education as well as special educational needs with 20 diplomas, which include, special education, emotional disorders, different teaching styles and dealing with problems between students.

I have experience in being a teacher for extracurricular subjects, classroom tutor, supply tutor, cooperative child psychology department where I looked after pupils with special educational needs, teacher and student social integration, nursery and preschool teacher several times. 

I know how to prepare the classes, exercises to practices, engage my students attention and to encourage their challenges.

To teach It’s my passion and life, it’s vocational since I was a child. I been working too hard to be the best as Spanish teacher. I am Dynamic, organised, hardworking person who gets involved in my work as an educator, good communication skills, innovative, team player, it literate and always available to help and learn from others professionals. 

I consider myself an open and friendly person who loves teaching people of all ages to help them to develop their skills and reach their objectives. I enjoy all my classes and I try to make differences between them and my students depending their needs. I adapt all the lessons to their learn capacity and their challenges.

If you get my lessons you will not regret at all!

I look forward to hearing from you.




Cardenal Cisneros University, Madrid
Teaching degree in English.
Ucm, Madrid
special educational needs
Ucm, Madrid
spanish university UCM (Madrid)
A teaching degree

International Baccalaureate (I.B) subjects


Eva R
£30 per hour