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Why GCSEs matter

With GCSE results day only round the corner, 15 and 16 year-olds across the country will be biting their nails in anticipation awaiting their results. Whilst the importance of doing well in A-Levels has been heralded of late; of course, A-Level results come out a full week before GCSE results. It’s often overlooked just how important GCSEs can be.

Here’s why GCSEs are so important:

1. They prepare you

Up until Year 11, while you have set regular examinations in the forms of SATs and other internal assessments, GCSEs are the first on a long road of exams until you complete your degree (if you choose to take your education that far). They will set the bar for how you approach all other exams and essentially “mature” you for the long journey that is your academic future.

2. They discipline you

How hard you work for your exams does reflect your grade; the harder you work, the better you’ll do. If you can leave an exam hall knowing you’ve tried your best, then often you will achieve. It means a lot that you continue this practice through to your degree; knowing that you will continue putting in the most effort you can.

3. They are a gateway to your future

If all the above don’t interest you, it doesn’t matter. The biggest point to take from GCSEs is that without them, you can’t go to university and subsequently partake in a number of careers; including doctor, lawyer, engineer, these all require B or higher at GCSE level, or even labour careers such as plumber or electrician. Most apprenticeships now also require students to have at least a C in Maths and English GCSE – which is the minimum you need to be accepted into certain colleges and sixth forms too.
Even university applications will consider how well you did at GCSEs now, rather than at AS-Levels, which are being fazed out of the schooling system. So they will see your GCSEs as a mark of what you could be predicted to achieve for your A-Levels.

So what if I fail?

Firstly, don’t panic. However, the last point we’ve made is critical; if you fail your Maths and English GCSE we strongly advise you retake them. With almost every career path, these GCSEs especially are essential. The good thing with GCSEs is that you can retake them in November, January and May/June each academic year.
There are loads of avenues you can take to resit these crucial exams, starting with getting some private tuition with Tutor House. We offer degree-educated, DBS checked and friendly tutors that can either tutor online or come straight to you door. They will prepare you for any GCSE resits and see you overcome the first hurdle of your academic careers.
We also offer specialised in-house Maths and English GCSE retake classes in our London offices. These are staffed and supervised by our professional tutors.
Moreover, we partner with an exam centre; so you don’t have to worry about finding a location to resit.

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