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Hi all,

I wanted to share with you all a little about my experience tutoring over the last five years. I tutor GCSE, A-Level and sometime degree level psychology. I enjoy the whole syllabus, but I do prefer, if i’m honest, to tutor specific topics. I love tutoring relationships, abnormal behavior and developmental psychology. Psychology A Level is so diverse, it’s great to tutor. Students love it as well because it’s interactive, social and discussion based, which is great for tutors and pupils alike. Relationships, as an option in unit 3 Psychology (AQA) is very interesting, it includes adults and child relations but also romantic relationships, including formation, maintenance and dissolution of relationship.  Students really feel that they can discuss with me this psychology topic and they always get a great insight into how the questions are worded and how they should answer them, just because their knowledge is vast and they truly understand the topic.

Often pupils report back to me, informing me that they’ve been having ‘chats’ with other students and they love discussing the topic with each other.

Psychology really is a fantastic, interesting and diverse subject at A-Level and/or GCSE. I love tutoring it, you should love learning it.

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