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Why UK children are academically falling behind other nations

Tutor House was recently asked to do an interview live on the BBC. Alex was asked a number of questions relating to the latest PISA results and how they’re relevant to our educational standards.

Why is the UK lagging behind other countries around the world? And why is Asia paving the way to academic success?

Is short, Asian countries, including China, Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan place huge importance on education, learning and tuition. Students spend hours of additional time, outside of school, being privately tutored. Passing exams and going to university is the most important thing. Teachers and tutors are well respected in Asia, they’re idolised and looked up to. That’s not really the case in the UK. Yes parents require tutors for they’re children, and 1 in 4 children are tutored at some stage in their lives in the UK. However, it’s the time and effort that non-western students spend on their education and studies. In some Asian countries children spend up to 5 hours a day studying, most 16 year olds in the UK, that would be per week.

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