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Why Tutor House?

Our consultancy team has over 60 years of educational experience, including School advice and School Entrance exam preparation, UCAS and personal statement support, Short Re-take courses and much more…

We’re ALL teachers (not just tutors) and we’ve all worked in Schools, so we’re all up to date with the current exams and syllabus.

Most of us are Oxbridge graduates.

We all (over 300 of us!) have over three years tutoring experience, most have over 5 years. We’re not straight out of University!

We improve grades year after year. Read what parents have said here.

We care, take the time to listen and meet parents, match tutors with children and give weekly feedback.

We’re not a start up! We’re a knowledgeable and skilled group of educational experts.

All tutors are interviewed and CRB checked.

Contact our specialist team at Tutor House to find your ideal private tutor in London and Fulham. Our experienced tutors will develop a tailored tuition programme to support your learning and exam performance

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Who We Are

We are a private tutoring agency based in Fulham, London; managed by Alex Dyer. At Tutor House we provide exceptional Common Entrance, GCSE and A-Level tuition through our team of outstanding tutors. Tuition is available at every stage, from preparatory School all the way through to A-level. We also have specialists at Tutor House who are able to offer School and University advice and Common Entrance preparation, international student programmes and specialist educational support, including dyslexia.


Marina was outstanding! Couldn’t recommend Marina enough. Many thanks for organizing the tutoring sessions – a life saver! Will be back in touch when AS’s are on the agenda, no doubt. Mrs Liz. H

My tutor was really nice and helped me with all my revision so I was able to get good grades and get into my chosen grammar school. Will be using them throughout my education. - Mr. Smith, Central London

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