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From the Cold War to the Tudors, The Battle of Hastings to The Victorians, History is a fascinating subject, that continues to shape our understanding of the world around us.  

History is a popular subject choice for students from GCSE through to Degree level and beyond. However, History is also a vast, complex subject that can be difficult for students to master. Success in history requires a nuanced understanding of each topic and how it fits in the context of the wider picture.

For students to really excel in History they need to explore a range of external resources. The broader a students frame of historical reference the better prepared they will be for their exams, giving them the best chance for top grades.

There are a tonne of resources out there, but we wanted to help you track down the very best.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 resources for History lovers.

Ancient History Encyclopedia

Why the 'Ancient History Encyclopedia' is Tutor House approved -- This website is great for providing history lovers with a wide range of historical resources. From highly informative and insightful articles to helpful definitions and beautiful historical images, this website is the perfect place to go to brush up on your history knowledge and have a great time doing it.

GCSE History Revision & Exam Prep - Seneca

Why 'Seneca' is Tutor House approved -- This resource is perfect for students who want to brush up on their History knowledge in order to boost their GCSE grades. Covering all the key GCSE topics, from Democracy & Nazism in Germany to Norman England, this website provides students with a fun yet effective way of studying and gives them all the information they need to really ace those all-important GCSE exams.

National Geographic Kids

Why 'National Geographic Kids' is Tutor House approved -- Okay, we know this has "geographic" in its name but here us out. This fantastic website offers a huge array of Historical primary resources, ideal for helping young students travel back in time to fascinating periods across the world. From learning about dinosaurs to ancient civilizations, this is the perfect resource for primary students looking for a helping hand in their history studies.

Why '' is Tutor House approved -- Offering a wide range of super useful information, this website is perfect for GCSE students on the hunt for a website that is sure to help them boost their understanding and their grades. From covering specific topics like the origins of the cold war, the treaty of versailles and the suffragette movement, to helping students get to grips with all the knowledge they need to ace their exams, this website is brilliant - so go check them out and thank us later.

Best History Sites: General History Resources

Why 'Best History Sites' is Tutor House approved -- This is a great source for information about a wide range of Historical issues, events and alternative resources. Offering students a comprehensive list of hugely useful history resources, this website covers everything from ancient/biblical history to European history and military history.

A Real Online Degree: The Ultimate Guide for History Resources

Why 'A Real Online Degree: The Ultimate Guide for History Resources' is Tutor House approved -- This page features a compilation of a range of super relevant, reliable and interesting History resources. Perfect for students of all ages, teachers, researchers and those who just have a passion for the subject, we highly recommend you visit this page and fill your History boots with a wealth of fascinating Historical knowledge.

School History

Why 'School History' is Tutor House approved -- This website offers students a collection of highly detailed revision notes, so are perfect for GCSE History students. The notes are based on exam topics that are covered in the majority of syllabuses. From notes on Feudalism to detailed information about the Bayeux Tapestry and its significance, this is the perfect place for students to spend an afternoon, developing their knowledge and expanding their mind.

How To Talk About Art History

Why 'How To Talk About Art History' is Tutor House approved -- This blog is run by art historian Ellen Oredsson. It is dedicated to enlightening students about the fascinating world of art history, making this potentially challenging topic accessible to readers of all ages and levels. From intriguing subjects like academic art in the 19th Century to Islamic art, this blog is perfect for art history lovers. Well written and well informed articles are accompanied by images of beautiful artistry from a range of different eras. Head on over and see for yourself.

Why '' is Tutor House approved -- This website gives students a huge range of resources about World War I. From explaining exactly how the war began to providing in-depth insight into the battles themselves, including information about weaponry and warfare. The site even features memoirs and diaries of those who lived through the terror, providing a real human perspective from the time. This website is in equal parts informative and fascinating, making it the perfect study tool.

History Rhymes

Why 'History Rhymes' is Tutor House approved -- This website has loads of amazing, in-depth and well-researched information that will help students to expand their knowledge about History through the ages. Focusing mainly on 19th Century History, but also offering information about other periods dating all the way back to the Middle Ages, this website gives a comprehensive and detailed insight into a wide range of diverse historical topics. This is the perfect resource for students who need help with exam revision, or just want to expand their knowledge. Students from GCSE level through to Degree level and beyond can reap the benefits of this awesome website.

In order to really improve your chances of History success, why not enlist the help of a Tutor House History tutor? Our tutors provide students of all ages and levels with top quality tuition that will revolutionize their learning experience and help them boost their grades.

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