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What is Homeschooling?

Homeschooling, an ever-evolving trend in the education landscape, serves as a flexible alternative to traditional schooling. This parent-led education model is where families opt for a personalised educational route right at home, sidestepping conventional classroom settings.

Distinguished by its adaptability, homeschooling empowers parents to design customised online and/or in-person courses tailored to their child's unique needs. It allows for a bespoke curriculum and individualised learning pace. This learning model ensures a departure from the standardised approach, championing tailored educational experiences. It's particularly beneficial when aiming to address specific educational needs (SENs), which may get overshadowed in mainstream classrooms.

Moreover, as many families diving into homeschooling have discovered, this approach strengthens parent-child relationships, fosters explorative learning, and contributes to well-rounded development. Nowadays, homeschooling has transformed from a mere educational choice to a comprehensive lifestyle choice, offering a balance of academic rigour and personal growth.

Why hire a homeschooling tutor?

Opting to engage an expert homeschooling tutor presents an invaluable opportunity for parents to meld the flexibility inherent to home education with the expertise of a qualified teaching professional. It’s a strategic move observed by many who tread the homeschooling path, to ensure their children receive an enriched learning experience that is as flexible as it is comprehensive.

Hiring a tutor under the homeschooling umbrella is a dynamic choice that empowers parents with the agency to select a dedicated tutor for each subject area if that aligns with their preferences. This practice amplifies the possibility of personalised learning, offering a one-to-one educational environment where your child can truly thrive with personalised attention and instruction tailored to their unique learning needs and pace.

In the diverse landscape of homeschooling, parents have the latitude to either fully steer the educational wheel or share the driving seat. Some might wish to be the sole educators, immersing in a hands-on teaching experience, while others might lean towards delegation. For those in the latter category, Tutor House extends its resources, providing access to a cadre of experienced homeschooling tutors. These professionals are not just versed in their respective fields but are also adept at assuming varied levels of instructional roles, based on your comfort and expectations. Whether you envision them leading specific subjects or taking a more overarching role in your child's education, these tutors are equipped to adapt, facilitating a learning environment that resonates with your child’s needs while aligning with your educational philosophy and goals.

In essence, the decision to hire a homeschooling tutor isn't merely about outsourcing education; it's about crafting a collaborative, flexible, and highly personalised learning journey designed with your child's success at its core.

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Why Tutor House for homeschooling?

✔️ Experience

Tutor House has over ten years of experience working with homeschooled learners.

✔️ DBS Checked

Our homeschooling tutors are DBS checked and thoroughly vetted by our educational team.

✔️ Online/In-Person

We offer both online and in-person tutoring, depending on your preferences.

✔️ Immersive Online Facilities

We offer fully immersive online learning facilities complete with interactive whiteboard and audio/file sharing options.

✔️ Personalised

Your homeschooling tutor(s) will work with you to formulate a learning plan that matches what you are looking for in your child’s schooling and day-to-day routine.

✔️ Monthly Reports

They will provide you with full monthly reports on what they have covered in lessons and how your child is progressing.

Tutor House Educational Team

The Tutor House educational team can help you with the logistics of your homeschooling set-up, such as drafting a written statement on your child's education for your local council or helping secure a place for your child as a private candidate in their GCSE or A-level exams.

How much does a homeschool tutor cost?

We understand that everyone's commitments and requirements are different, which is why we offer adjustable pricing to fit your unique situation. Our tutors will work with you to create a personalised timetable that incorporates the level of external support you're looking for in your child's education.

For example, an approximate cost breakdown would be as follows:

  • 10 hours per week - from £350 per week

  • 5 hours per week - from £200 per week

  • 3 hours per week would cost £120 per week.

However, our rates are flexible and can be adapted to your needs, so get in touch with our team to discuss your ideal homeschooling package.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Homeschooling

  • Some benefits of homeschooling include the ability to customize education to the child's individual needs and interests, more flexibility in scheduling and pace of learning, and the opportunity for more one-on-one attention and support from parents or guardians.

  • Some challenges of homeschooling can include the need for parents or guardians to take on a significant amount of responsibility for their child's education, potential social isolation for both the child and the parent or guardian, and the need to balance homeschooling with other responsibilities and commitments.

  • Yes, homeschooled students can receive diplomas or transcripts that are recognized by colleges and universities. In some cases, homeschoolers may need to take standardized tests or complete other requirements to demonstrate their academic achievement.

  • Homeschooled students can socialize in a variety of ways, such as through extracurricular activities, community groups, and online classes. Some homeschoolers also participate in co-ops or other group learning environments.

  • The cost of homeschooling can vary widely depending on factors such as the curriculum chosen, materials and resources needed, and any additional expenses such as standardized testing or extracurricular activities. Some homeschooling families choose to use free or low-cost resources, while others invest more heavily in their child's education.