Homeschooling in the UK

Everything you need to know about home education in the UK. The basics on how to homeschool in the UK and how Tutor House can help.

What is homeschooling?

Homeschooling is when parents opt to educate their children at home rather than within a traditional school setting. Parents might choose the homeschooling route for a variety of reasons. They may be looking for greater control over what their child is learning, perhaps at odds with the current school curriculum and its perceived rigidity. Or their child may be experiencing difficulties within a school environment due to SENs or their specific requirements not being met.

What are the benefits of homeschooling?

Homeschooling in the UK has seen s significant increase in popularity over the last few years, with the number of parents choosing to educate their children at home having gone up by 30% since 2020. The benefits of opting for this route include:

- A learning environment tailored to students' individual needs

- An alternative to an overcrowded classroom with a shortage of individual attention given to students.

- The flexibility to teach from anywhere, whether at home, in a gallery or at a museum. This comes with the opportunity to move around the country if parents so wish.

- The freedom to adjust the syllabus and the materials that students are working with.

- The freedom to handpick your teaching team, including homeschooling tutors.

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How does homeschooling work?

Whatever parents’ motivation for exploring alternative education options, homeschooling is a route that offers a lot of flexibility and there are plenty of ways to make it work for you.

For example, if parents are interested in a hybrid approach, they might choose flexi-schooling, whereby their child will attend a traditional school part-time and be homeschooled the rest of the time. A headteacher is not obliged to accept such a proposal but if they do, parents will work with the school to formulate a learning plan that works for everyone.

Hire a homeschooling tutor with Tutor House

While some parents choose to take on 100% of the responsibility for their child’s education, others choose to delegate. Tutor House offers homeschooling parents the option of hiring an experienced professional to take charge of some or all of their child’s learning.

Why should I hire a homeschooling tutor?
Hiring a homeschooling tutor allows parents to enlist the help of a qualified teaching professional while retaining the flexibility of the home education approach. An advantage of favouring a homeschooling tutor over the mainstream schooling system is that it maximises parental choice within a child’s education.

Unlike within the traditional school system, you can choose one homeschooling tutor for Maths and another for English, hiring a different tutor for every subject, should you so wish. The choice lies entirely with you, and many parents are finding this increased agency and flexibility to be one of the most attractive elements of homeschooling.

Why Tutor House?
Tutor House has over eight years experience of working with homeschooled learners. Our homeschooling tutors are DBS checked and thoroughly vetted by our educational team. We offer both online and in-person tutoring, depending on your preferences. Should you opt for remote teaching, we offer fully immersive online learning facilities complete with interactive whiteboard and audio/file sharing options.

How does homeschooling tuition work?

Your homeschooling tutor(s) will work with you to formulate a learning plan that matches what you are looking for in your child’s schooling and day-to-day routine. They will provide you with full monthly reports on what they have covered in lessons and how your child is progressing.

Tutor House also allows you to work with our educational team to put in place the logistics of your homeschooling set-up. For example, they will help you draft a written statement on how you are educating your child, should your local council request one, and assist with securing your child a place as a private candidate for their GCSE or A-level exams.

How much does a homeschooling tutor cost?

The commitment you choose to make to tutoring, and therefore the price you pay, are adjustable to your needs. Our tutors will help you create a personalised timetable, incorporating the level of external support you are looking to build within your child’s education.

For example, an approximate cost breakdown would be as follows:

- 3 hours per week of homeschooling support would cost £450 per month.
- 5 hours per week would cost £750 per month.
- 10 hours per week would cost £1500 per month.

However, our rates are flexible and can be adapted to your needs, so get in touch with our team to discuss your ideal homeschooling package.

Customer reviews

"School is not always an easy place for teenagers. Tutor House proved a very positive alternative for our 16 year old. Having lost interest in school and learning we enrolled him with Tutor House for his GCSE year. His level of interest, commitment and confidence greatly improved thanks to the tutors and he discovered that he was capable of so much more than he ever imagined.Tutor House have wonderful staff. They are friendly, helpful and flexible . We are so grateful to have had their support. Our thanks go to everyone involved.”

- Penny, Parent

“Tutor House not only provided for our daughter a way forward at a difficult time, but a transformational experience. Over two years two fine tutors home-schooled our daughter in English Literature and Politics, which enabled her to complete her qualifications and for which she received an A* in both subjects.

This was not an easy assignment. Our daughter suffers from a rare and complicated medical condition which had led to her being removed from school entirely. During this period she was frequently ill and her otherwise productive sessions were interrupted as a consequence. 

Throughout both tutors continued to set a very high standard of academic achievement, and she persisted, trying to meet it as best she could. 

In January, we received the happy news that she has been offered a place at Cambridge University, which she has accepted. What seemed to us at the start a very daunting mountain to climb has resulted, through her work with Tutor House, in a place at the mountaintop. I can't assess this wonderful turn of events without acknowledging that profound contribution which has had the power to change the course of a single life so dramatically, and for which we, as parents, are naturally so grateful.” 

- Rafael, Parent

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