Calling all book-smarts! Can you pass this classic literature quiz?


To celebrate World Book Day, the team at Tutor House have worked with some of our English Literature tutors to put together a quiz so people can test their knowledge of classic literature.

Expect some quotes from novels such as George Orwell’s 1984 and Jane Austin’s Pride and Prejudice, but don’t worry you’ll have a few options to choose from!

Elise Pearce

As our Head of Content, Elise’s role involves everything from email campaigns to web content; if you spot a typo, you know who to blame. A lover of all things creative, she studied History of Art at St. Andrews enjoys running and painting in her spare time. At home, when she's not busy chasing after her two Labradoodles, Flossy and Rupert, you'll catch her doing handstands on her yoga mat.

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