Get Homeschooled like a Kardashian


Ever wondered what it would be like to switch lives with a celebrity kid? We rate some of the best celebrity Homeschool set-ups so you can decide which homeschooling fantasy is worth exploring. 

1. Chrissy Teigen 

The model and chef revealed the ultimate homeschool set-up on her Twitter early last year. Teigen’s classroom is undefeated, complete with a costume wardrobe, kitted-out play kitchen and beautiful views out of the floor to ceiling windows. With a literal simulation of a primary school classroom in their home, this is the ideal set-up for both young kids and parents embarking on a homeschool education.

Pros: matching wooden furniture, classroom-like environment, space

Bonus points: Chrissy’s amazing snacks at breaktime, John Legend’s singing lessons

Cons: Zero 

Chrissy Teigen's Homeschooling Set-Up

2. Kardashian-Jenner

With homes like luxury hotels, being homeschooled in any of the Kardashian-Jenner residences may seem like paradise. However, with Kim’s obsession with minimalism and Kourtney’s feature in architectural digest, the practicalities of studying could pose a problem. Don’t imagine that you could leave your laptop, books or pencils strewn around. If you don’t have the sleekest Mac-Book, iPad and Apple pencil, your studies would most likely be limited to one of their kids’ playhouses. 

Pros: Californian sunshine, expensive stationery

Bonus points: Swimming pool, tennis courts, private chef

Cons: OCD, gluten-free, minimalism, impractical school bags

Forget revising at the kitchen table | Kim Kardashian's kitchen | Source Daily Mail Online
Stormi's New Playhouse | Source: Married Biography

3. Amanda Holden 

The Britain’s Got Talent judge lives in a spacious house in Surrey, so it’s no surprise that each member of the family has their own work station. It's easy to image that homeschooling in the Holden household would be both successful and simple. Amanda could easily combine her experience with BGT bootcamps into her kids homeschooling regime. This is easily a win for parents, but maybe not so much for the kids.

Pros: David Walliams dropping in on Facetime, huge green garden, a home bar for the parents,

Cons: Strict boot-camp regime for your online classes, having a singer for a mum could be distracting, Britain's Got Talent Theme tune

Amanda Holden's Surrey Home

4. Victoria & David Beckham

With 8-year-old Harper being Homeschooled as a result of the latest UK lockdown Victoria has taken to Instagram to document her daughter’s studies. With the couple based in their £31.5 million home in London, being homeschooled as a Beckham seems like the dream.

But, with a fashion icon for a mum and a footballer for a dad, it might be hard to justify why you don’t want to play football at the weekend or why you’ve been wearing the same tracksuit bottoms all week... Still, things could be far worse, with unlimited space to spread yourself out in and a huge private garden, you could treat being homeschooled as an educational all-inclusive mini-break. 

Pros: latest technology, unlimited educational apps, mansion lifestyle

Cons: lockdown, isolation, helicopter parenting

Homeschooling Maths Class via Instagram

5. Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell might live in Los Angeles and live a pretty glamorous life, but her homeschooling set-up shows the reality of having kids at home all day. In a picture posted to her Instagram, she can be seen with one child on her shoulders, a dog in her lap and another daughter clinging on to her arm. The cup of cold coffee and kids’ leftovers add the finishing touch to her funny and honest post. This is perhaps not the best homeschool set-up we've seen and may leave you wondering if you'd be competing with the dog for attention.

Pros: Comedian mum, no strict rules, multi-coloured plastic cups

Cons: Climbing all over the teacher, competing with the dog

It’s hard not to be jealous of these celebrities homeschool set-ups, but no matter who your parents are, it doesn’t change the fact that a good solid foundation of teaching is essential for academic progress and cognitive development. 

With the latest national lockdown, homes across the country have become a little more crowded than usual. Homeschooling primary level children, in particular, may pose a challenge to those parents who find themselves working at home and having to juggle homeschooling responsibilities.

At Tutor House, we provide an excellent range of online homeschooling tutors to choose from who are available to teach a range of ages from Primary all the way through to Degree level. 

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